🇸🇾 Syrian rebels leave Douma amid outrage over chemical attacks | Al Jazeera English

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Syrian rebel fighters are leaving Douma. A Russian-sponsored deal requires that the Jaish al-Islam rebel group surrender all prisoners before leaving. the deal comes as international condemnation increases over chemical attacks that claimed the lives of more than 40 people in the Damascus district.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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R. Schlomo Judenbengel says:

Good riddance terrorist white helmets.
Can't Mossad the Assad. 🙂

Jonathan Allen says:

Typical Russian way of doing business as soon as the deal is done your knifed for the money they just payed you with.

Ken Brownfield says:

Misleading headline.

24paljim says:

And heading home to Saudi, Turkey, UK et al. The #moderateRebels or #ISIS or #ArmyOfIslam or #AlNusraFront or #AlQueda are the murderers. Funded by the West and Saudi and Israel. The truth will come out.

Cleverson Santos says:

None believe in the MSMedia anymore…

mehboob gani says:

only 200 prisoners were free, rest all tens of thousands had been killed.

A Thought Crime says:

Why are they letting the terrorists escape? Kill them all.

The Page Squad says:

Al Jazeera= Al Qaeda Branch news network

Bello Ali says:

These are not oppositions but terrorist savages

Imran adam says:

اللهم أعز إلا سلام والمسلمين والد ل الشر ك و لمشر كين ودمر اعذاك الذين

mike rollow says:

So somehow Jaish Al-Islam, a group who put women in cages and whose leader called for the removal of religious minorities from Damascus, are considered "rebels".

I'm glad they talked about the people who where held prisoners by Jaish Al-Islam, but you might want to say that about 3500 were held prisoners by this group. Also feel free to show clips from these prisoners, they will tell you how bad this "rebel" group really was. But if you did then I imagine you wouldn't be able to justify calling them "rebels".

ChristianP says:

Honestly why would SAA use chemical gas? Its military effect is non-existent compared to the risk of retaliation by the international community.

On the other hand, it seems like the rebels have a huge motivation to get as many civilians killed as possible.

Grey Chip says:

Purely staged propaganda by the media, yeah we don't believe you and you've owrn out your little propaganda hit piece of "for gods sake man will you think of the kids" looks like the terrorists only use chemicals which affect kids.

Greezyhair says:

good now independent investigators can get in and examine the American chemical weapons program Trump and his cronies financed.

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