🇸🇾 UN deadlock as rival resolutions on Syria attack probe fail | Al Jazeera English

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Rival proposals from the United States and Russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria have failed to pass at the UN Security Council.

Both sides called for new inquiries, but a US plan to assign blame was rejected by Moscow.

Rescue workers say dozens of people died in a suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma on Saturday.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from the United Nations.

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Violeta Del Rosario says:

UN is American … Nobody win only America . Haley Indian is a puppet!!

Sunil Kr. Singh says:

ww3 coming soon ☠️☠️☠️

Amer Al-bayya says:

THEIR LIES TERROR WILL DIE —– Syrian envoy to UN said that the strikes against his country by US and its allies only send signals to terrorists that they can continue with their attacks in Syria and elsewhere.
Bashar Jaafari also questioned why the Western powers, who claimed Damascus used chemical weapons, did not share their evidence with the OPCW.

Alex Fernandes says:

Why don't everyone get together and boom USA this time and than build the Wall and close the border.

sirlunkan says:

america the land of terror

Pavel Lisov says:

USA supporting terrorism in Syria and Iraq and everywhere

maithri budhu says:

Are these so called world leaders ,really civilised people

azee azee says:

Nikki haley the true slave

pkasb90 says:

U.S has veto. Russia has veto.

zonkus culture says:

The Arab nation's supposed to take the head religious quarters away from Saudi Arabia.In United nations security council, there are useless majority there that don't have anything to talk but only support evil like France, Sweden etc.

Md Khaled says:

A Lady Monster…."Nikki Haley "…..

Steven Harvey says:

russia is buying time

Bhebot says:

. "Trump is dead!"
. Trump has no choice but to attack Syria using the pretext "False-Flag" Douma chemical attack "or" he and his sons will end up like the Kennedy's!
,,, Trump who is literally "Alone" in shark infested Washington DC. is vulnerable to assassination against even by his very own secret service personnel.
,,, the Neocons/Deep-State gave him a warning by burning Trump-Tower.
,,, they want USA, France, British and Qatar "Qatari-gas pipeline project" crossing Syria to push thru
,,, and that they want to control Syria's oil.
,,, so sad for Trump!:(

Monoar Bin ahmed says:

have to kill all the army which came from Iran

Bhebot says:

. just now!!! "sy Suspected chemical attack 'kills 70' in Syria's Douma | Al Jazeera English 9.5K views6 hours ago" went "This video was removed by user"!
,,, @

,,, Qatar-Al Jazeera noticed something "Fake/Odd" about the video so they pulled it out!
,,, Qatar-Al Jazeera did not cut the video right cuz it showed the "Origin" in the last second,
,,, the origin of the "Fake" video is BBC, you know the one who published Brit-May's "highly likely"!
,,, this is American, French, British and NATO "False Flag" cuz they want to steal Syrian oil!

Dank Xans says:

Couldn’t they be better in this false flag operation? Or were they in a hurry? God.. Americans can be so stupid and emotional sometimes.

imathayne says:

So you'd rather go for a he-said she-said and get the twitter feed than actual facts Russia? I think that fact speaks for itself that there is obviously something to HIDE if you want to veto this kind of fact gathering move time and time again. Cover up!! HIDING DEATH!!! WORKING FOR THE DEVIL ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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