🇺🇸 Facebook’s Zuckerberg tells Congress: ‘It was my mistake, and I’m sorry’ | Al Jazeera English

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Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has admitted making mistakes, as he gave nearly five hours of testimony before US Congress on Tuesday, in the first of a two-day congressional hearing into the data breach scandal that has engulfed the company.
Zuckerberg repeated apologies he previously made for a range of problems that have beset the social network – from a lack of data protection that impacted 87 million users worldwide to the platform being improperly used for political means – insisting that the company is working to prevent future malfeasance.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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Hayley says:

All fb profits should be reimbursed to fb users whose info Mark has profited from. Then he might actually be sorry.

Honey badger Fearless says:

He knew bullshit again Facebook shame on you

urumb midea says:

Zuckerberg a nice man

eviltreemonster says:

He's a crook and a liar.

Meriem El says:

Sorry ? Ok mark we forgive you it wasnt big deal but you are grounded no ipad for today

Nazi 2018 says:

I hate facebook

SmellMyKKPP says:

They just gave Zuckerberg a platform to advertise his products

GaudyChannel says:

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced more than five hours of questions from the joint Senate Commerce and Judiciary committees over the privacy and the use of citizen's data..
Please watch full video here: youtu.be/uNsoNWoutdI

anurags anurags says:

#Quit fuckinbook or facebook, whatever u call it.

Zaki Muhammed says:


Alex L says:

OBFUSCATION, Zuckerberg is a CIA asset told what to do, he is a false entrepreneur

Christopher Awonuga says:

Want to knőw what your spousë is up to? Contact @jasperderson on inštagram to haçķ their instağram, fačebook or twiťțer accounţ to bę såfe you pay hîm afteŕ he shows proof.

Samrat B says:

87 million number is a lie .. Facebook impinges on every users data, content and privacy : be they in america, India, Palestine, Syria or wherever … Not just now, for years …

Nasty ScaR says:

Lock him up

Azez Nassar says:

He should step down then.

mubariz salim says:

الموت للفيسبوك!

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