🍺 Indonesia tackles black market alcohol after many deaths | Al Jazeera English

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Police in Indonesia are taking aim at the illegal alcohol trade, after more than a hundred people died in one week from drinking bootleg liquor.

High taxes and restrictions on alcohol in Muslim-majority Indonesia has created a black market among the poor.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Cicalengka in West Java.

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Landon Thomas says:

it bothers me just how much litter and junk there is in the streets and in the soil in Indonesia.

Hi There says:

Killer moonshine…. Good intention pave a road for organize crime. There is always someone that will provide the demand.

Kurt H says:

instead of banning it maybe indonesia should educate its people

Josh Willard says:

Wow, their law makers are sooo dumb. Maybe they should study American history.

steve culley says:

we tried prohibition, it never worked. please learn from history

jiner666 says:

Banning never works guns or drugs

Hendry Suhartono says:

Oplosan ! Oplosan ! Oplosan !

holycrapchris says:

The government created this problem. By creating a ban, they created a black market.

First Last says:

Get rid of alcohol at once destroy it completely

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