Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions, addresses possibility of regulation

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Zuckerberg testified at a joint hearing Tuesday before senators on the Commerce and Judiciary committees.


Jeslin Suguna says:

If Facebook is not good so is Instagram and snap chat n so on. It's so obvious they want to take everything from him. I love Facebook n I hope some of them too. I will surrpport him. All his hard work has been put in it so as who he is now. He earned it. N ya scams is everywhere on the internet so it's not only on Facebook. So guys don't complain n use your own knowledge to not be a victim in scams. Pls show some respect to him guys. Facebook is one the reason why we're contacting in world. Y all should use your own knowledge and knowledge your limits on what you addicted with if y all can't stop it then its you to blame not the internet or the person.

Banqlyne Dewper says:

This people making one person sit on a hot sit like they themselves and their children does not use Facebook. Everyone needs Facebook. Most of us need Facebook for different staff like advertising

Mani maran says:

I had uninstalled it before an year!!now I live a human life!!I keep my mobile out of my personal

Karthik Manohar says:

How about compensating the users by monetary means ?..

belle mcellis says:


Daniela says:

If I have to pay to have social media, I'd rather just not use it

Iamme whoelse says:

Disclaimer: long letter: I accidentally deleted my comment. I'll try to re-write what I said.
I don't have a facebook account and I'm 25 years old.
I just have my hotmail account with my real name, this you-tube account to comment on videos respectively and positively and a twitter account to follow and receive advice (thesecret).
No one knows my name and I like it that way.

I used to be heavily bullied for the first 20-21 years of my life (school and home), I'm 100% honest, I co-bullied others when I was very young too because when there would be a day that I wouldn't be the victim I just wanted it to last forever. But every single time I took part in it, I felt really ashamed and apologized to that person right after, told why I did it and comforted that person. I didn't do it ever again. I didn't want to be on social media with my real name and then be bullied at home again. I'm positive there will have been times they talked about me not so nicely and pictures might have been taken without me knowing. But what you can't see or reach can't hurt you so "I'm fine".

Some of my family members are on facebook though and have taken family pictures where I am on but I'm pretty sure they don't go into ugly mode. Talk about me? yes, hurt me? No.

Some classmates back then used to ask me to join facebook because they talked about "everything" and because I wasn't on it, I missed out on so much and become the black sheep. But I knew if I was going to be on it, I would regret it for the rest of my life.
I got bullied at school, trust me I didn't want to get extra bullied at my own private, safe home and let others bash me for their fun and to their liking.

I also know that when you post something, you can't delete it. You can delete it on your account, and it will be gone. But others will have seen it, might even have saved it.
So I try to be as attentive as to what I share or post.
If you are bullied, just don't go onto social media. If you are not on it, they can't hurt you.

They say being bullied makes you stronger, well in a way it does but it really scarred me for life.
I used to love school and was highly motivated, but that was no more. My light that used to shine very bright was all of a sudden a dying candle light. I wasn’t positive in my outlook on life and me anymore.

I crashed when I was 17 and got into a deep depression, I had developed psychosomatic complaints which means that every thought that I had (which were self- destroying negative thoughts) like (I'm a monster, I'm ugly, I have no talents, God created me from all the crap in his bin, the people are right I'm not worthy of anything, and more… They all had a physical effect on me. I barely could eat anything, cause after I eat I had to go to the bathroom and throw up, took immodium like it was water, every single day. Which is absolutely not healthy. Lost 40 (88 pounds) in less than 3 months.

Then in my senior year the worst thing happened, I failed it and had to redo it. I crashed again but picked myself up and redid it. On the day that I had to sign my diploma, my teacher that I had had and gave me behavioral sciences for 5 years showed everyone of us our points while we waited our turn to go to the secretary and sign our diploma. She simply said this “For redoing your senior year, learning the same things you should have gotten really outstanding results and this isn’t the case, but we’re giving you your degree as a gift cause doing you senior year for a third time is not gonna help. We gifted you your degree cause we know you are not going to study forward cause you are incapable, incompetent and aren’t smart enough. You won’t succeed in life”. That stayed with me forever and hurted me like no other. I never did something wrong to her and she was so freaking mean. And she had studied psychology and had a degree in it. Can you believe that?!

That encounter and the fact that my parents even agreed with the fact that I was gifted the diploma took his toll on me: I”ll never forget or forgive anyone of them for it. My parents know that. Cause I work/study like a dog day and night. “Quote from hidden figures”.

Because of all that I have/had: Low self- esteem, low self-confidence, memory loss, stress, hair loss (partially bald), frightened for my future in all aspects, No friends (being awkward, not knowing what to say/talk about, scared of not being interesting enough), jobless for 3-5 years. During that time, helping/running in the household daily like I did since I was 5 years old. Taking care of my parent who was battling cancer, meanwhile looking for work, not giving up. Even 2 years of voluntary work didn’t help me get a chance at proving myself at a job. I never got a shot at it. “You have no experience” standard answer that I got for a job as restocker/cashier/any job. Some family members, even my parents, strangers just think and say behind my back or tell me that I don’t wanna work. For those people 1 message: F-you, it may not be nice, but if you think that about me, you ain’t worthy of me, my time and you don’t know me at all.

After/beginning the third year I started following a medical course to become a caretaker that I paid for myself. I follow it at an adult education school. It cost way less. My parents want me to move forward as long as they don’t need to pay for high-studies. They don’t say that, but I know. They paid for everything until I finished high school and then I was on my own. They constantly say to others that I had my chances, that the money is there for me to be used, when in reality I never got a chance, every study that I wanted to do was never good enough and received a resounding” NO!” and when I say I want to take them up on their offer their wallet is closed. So I pay for it myself and everything (my clothes, my bills), When I want to buy something with my money, my parents forbid it. Thank God I can live for “free” at my parents house. I am going to be a caretaker in a month. I’m so grateful for it and my wonderful older classmates and teachers, that I succeeded (I already know) and gonna live not just survive. I’m going to be certain of work, also part of why I chose the medical field and earn my own money.

I try to be a happy blissful person trying to accept me flaws and all and scarily try to realize my dreams which I don’t tell anyone. But I know I’ll succeed and I already have. Trying to be positive here . I don’t want my heart shattered and hurt anymore. I have seen, been through more than enough in my life. I may be “young” but I can give some life-lessons believe me. Only in love, I got no clue. I’m a virgin in all aspects on that front. I still have to give my first of everything.
So here is my life lesson:
Live your own life and fulfill your dreams and aspirations so that you may be as happy as you want to be. Have respect and love for others and yourself, be genuine, trust and believe in yourself in whatever you do and let others live the way they want to live. Don’t force your advice on someone else or tell them how to live their life. You wouldn’t want someone else telling you how to live your life.

Blumpkin Lover says:

The hate speech is all coming from the left.

Blumpkin Lover says:

The irony is that no one will read that notice on their feed.

Tubagus Izroil Maulana Herry Er says:

saya tidak perlu basi basi ataupun mengkonsumsi nasi basi apa yang saya laksanakan perjuangkan korbankan bertahun tahun dari hak hasil materi saya sebagai presiden world LIVE inauguration yang diberikan kepercayaan bear profesor oleh negara ini dan dunia amerika serikat yang mengintegritaskan pasca inauguration 2017 apa hasil nya …? jika ini fiksi dan fiktif untuk keluarga saya dan saya pribadi ketika kita merenung mempelajari teori dengan perintah intelektualistis yang elite dari waktu efektif efesien instan yang visioner menyeluruh bukan seorang yang imajiner yang melaksanakan hanya untuk perorangan dan kelompok nya saja … popularitas, gaya hidup, kemapanan, hawa nafsu, agama hidup dan mati … ? army prabowo subianto untuk presiden 2019 dan ir.jokowidodo sebagai wakil presiden 2019 dan kabinet menteri terpilih lanjutan inauguration 2017 … apa itu bekerja dialog militer area bertahan untuk menyerang menang dan merdeka membuat inauguration 2017 lebih berarti bermakna bernegara untuk seorang negarawan sejati negara untuk seluruh negerinya atau rakyatnya sekalipun tetap reflek dapat memfilter terhadap apa itu kerjasama boomerang duri dalam tulang sewaktu waktu menjadi boom waktu … layaknya tembok perbatasan meksiko untuk amerika serikat dan juga asean SMATA untuk indonesia …

Emma 56775 says:

I feel like facebook has been over for awhile

Aüdrey Nalina says:

It’s easy people it’s called DELETE account do it NOW!

Ginger Nutz says:

It looks like Data has put a suit on and is using the Holodeck again.


lets go to Twitter

komal thompson says:

fuck now my fiance willl know iv been divorced twice

komal thompson says:

Zuckerberg is a cunt and a nerd

Ray Brandt says:

Not even Zuckerberg can stand ted Cruz

ssh83 says:

Every sheep needs to go to their BANK account and read the privacy statement. Go to their royalty club cards' online privacy policy. Go to their youtube/google account and read the privacy statement. The real reason they want to destroy social media is to help their media mouthpiece gain the upper hand back. Social media helped Obama beat Clinton. It helped people's choices fight establishment's choice. The patriot act is still in tact. You have zero privacy to the powers that be.

Doug Hanson says:

Ambiguous Slants to the L to the R, with slight hints of bias. Insidious untrue Information arrived with mild intention only a bit over half the time on every Monday Wednesday and Friday but not limited to other days or Birthdays. 3rd party and vendors “misused” their settings to spy on you. What!

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