Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee | ABC News

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Facebook’s CEO Mark Zukerberg testifies on the company’s handling of user data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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I need likes to live please says:

We need younger and smarter SENATORS

Alexandru Alexander says:

He looks like he should have brought his brown pants

bluestrapsify says:


Amit Kumar says:

Why did Mr MZ did not voice that FB competitors are LinkedIn , Google+ and Instagram ? He did mention that average american user uses 8 apps . I appreciate .

Amit Kumar says:

Mr Zuckerberg , Please make sure any body floating political campaign must be authorized from designated representative or SPOC or affiliate from registered political party ! To be more precise and example , Please allow only those political party to float their Agenda listed in Election Commission of India . Facebook can ask list of registered party and their legitimate FB account .

Yougle says:

This is bullshit and a total waste of resources.

M C says:

Wait until the ‘data miners’ tie your posting IP address together with others… your partner, kids etc
(They already are)
So, now they have a family unit, school, friends names, dogs name, car rego, phone numbers and anything else – if they have ever been mentioned)
The rest is easy – like triangulation in geography.
A huge amount of contextual information can be derived from those fundamentals. Huge.
Far more than anyone or yourself know about yourself and closest.
FB sells the data to Company A, So does Google, ?Microsoft, and smaller organisations with far less spread… Your vet, gas station, caterers, bridal supplies…
The data can be matched and triangulated.
At a certain point, the original IP address becomes less relevant… they know your surname, car, card, cat, and all that other data gleaned from multiple sources.
Move house, change IP address and it all goes with your digital fingerprint regardless. Zero chance of escape.
Company A knows far more about you than FB or Google individually, or likely, they did a deal to reciprocate.
Privacy of data is completely dead.
Change your personal identifiers or security as often as convenient. There is no road back, unless you trust Romanian hackers. Send them a message and ask them (!)
Changing school or your children’s names is harder.
And remember, all your data is tagged to your kids and friends, so the cross-reference will always be there if needed. Even after your gone.
Endless, infinite association and exploitation.

Shoot Straight says:

In college did he quit the team which created the platform and then steal it? Yep. Was he under oath? Nope. Didn't Obama use Cambridge Analitica? Yep.Have you ever heard of anyone not knowing shit about how their company operates and the intimate details therein? Never. Does his team have to wipe his ass as well? Iol Did he meet with each Senator beforehand and decide their stories? Apparently all but 4. Do all these out of touch geriatrics own stock in FB, have FB accounts, and make $ insider trading? You bet your ass. Delete you're FB account and bankrupt this CIA controlled douchebag. It's just another My Space anyway. They will make another in a month and now you know. They track data from everyone. Even people without FB. Demand limited terms for politcal seats and end the corruption. Wake the fuck up!!! Thank you for your information and putting your boring ass life online. -Cia Management

Niklas Schwartzerd says:

In this video: Nerd explaining technology to old people.

bunny pong says:

Facebook = Fakebook…abandon FB!

S4nTi_TM says:

Goodbye Facebook … XD


I love watching white liberal racist out himself

branak belledar says:

Wait…. I'm not from the us but are those people asking questions really running your country? Making laws? And deside everything? O_o If so…… well good luck! I'm glad I'm not you.

Nathan Bailey says:

1:26:55 holy shit I would have an anxiety attack with that many people taking photos of me

Pamul Yadav says:

Why there are russian bots here on this video…you can see them replying to every comment here

Ferenc Csordás says:

I hope its not just a show…

Robert David, Uballe. says:

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ricardo costa says:

Good afternoon my name is Ricardo Valerio , I from São Paulo city Brazil
Technology is a reality, the world will not stop personal data are being exposed because the people themselves expose them. Today the most important is the satisfaction of the people and for the companies are the profiles of the consumers, every evolutionary step originates from conflicts like this the traditional and the future. 12.april.2018

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