Former U.S. Attorney DROPS BOMBSHELL On LIVE TV That Will END Rosenstein and Wray

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Joshua Caplan for the Gateway Pundit reports, On the Fox Business Network Monday evening, former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova called for Congress to impeach Deputy Attorney General and FBI Director Christopher Wray due to the out of control Russia probe.

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Melody says:

The bigest mistake was the Jeff sessions giving up control !

Holly Word says:

Jeff Session must be fired now.

Buster Gibbons says:

THis is how they get away with frightening and intimidating people – using some other govt agency to do their dirty work.
Look at Mueller's history. IT is very bad.
I agree with this man speaking and he needs to add that these people are SES which is constitutional but not legal.
SES members – secretive agency- are not vetted, get huge salaries and that stays with them through retirement, they
tell people in civil service what to do and are hired by virtue of who they know. Time to end the SES – its detrimental
to our country. The FBI leaders, DOJ SEssions and all attorneys with DOj and 76 agencies of our government have
SES over them. It is time to end the SES – our world will never be right until this is done.
They have weaponized SES and it is close to destroying the USA. Let them all resign or let them have their
salaries reduced to one dollar per the Holman clause. The horrible things that have made our country a laughingstock
can stop once the SES is gone. Pride, respect, honor and integrity can once again return to the US.
Thank God for President Trump who endured a huge amt of abuse and attacks. I hope those evil people
esp Mueller and RR find in the afterlife they are hitting rocks in the heat of Hell.

Carlton Firoved says:

clowns. This is all b*******. Impeachment my ass. Prosecute and execute them. We have laws in this country which make us a better country than any other country. These people are using the law abusing the law twisting the law bending the law anything but following the law and it's time for them to pay with their assets lives and Legacies.

Vinny D. says:

I don't know why Trump is not taking any of these LOW Life this people had been targetting Trump before election and during and after, I'm tired of hearing about these low life's , as a pastor someone tried to burn our Church, and walking around naked in our church, these types of low life has no conscience nor moral values, just want to corrupt the society they must be cut off and hang to death or stone to death. I'm sorry but any human being with a brain would be against disecration of what is Holy and moral respect. Throw them Low life out, my opinion.

David Sherbert says:

2 days later, it must have been a dud round, the bombshell only ended my support for Trump. I'm done…all this "evidence" and nothing happening….same stuff, different day in DC

Evert Mcdonald says:

Get rid of that little Putz session first of all it is obvious he was confirmed but the Democrats for there use or non use.

Clarrissa Zamora says:

the fbi/cia and doj needs to be dismantled they are obviously a clear and present danger now

rickhuttono1 says:

Impeach Hell… This Is Blatant Criminal Activity… Fire Them And Revoke All Their Retirement Benifits And Pay For Committing Crimes Under The RICO ACT… Then Try Them For RICO Crimes /Sedition / High Treason… Then PROMPTLY EXECUTE Them…

Theresa Armatino says:

For crying out loud when is something going to be done about these insane liberal heretics!?!!

Ava Santa says:

You're looking healthy good Gary. 🙂

Ava Santa says:

Yes impeach please

Richard says:

Everyone who accepts Islam accepts the mark of the beast John Kerry John McCain Hillary Clinton Obama all of Hollywood, the leftist etc… it'll be nice a thousand years without those Wicked disgusting low-life trash

R J says:

I wish they would do something instead of acting so helpless. We have the house, senate and presidency and you have these assclowns pushing everyone around!?! They are the corrupt ones, DO SOMETHING to them! Instead our side just talks it to death…

Chris Parlow says:

Yes sir me to. I'm preying they get the boot.

Blitzie 123 says:

I keep wondering what the lunatics will do next!!! This is hard on my nerves as our President TRIES to work for America!!!

jake pryor says:

Does justice have a new definition now ? Or NO justice in Country anymore ! For top dc persons

Jeffrey Jones says:

Fire these pricks

Oregon's Lonewolf says:

"they will do anything to take Pres Trump down". I sure sign of being a psychopath as psychopaths refuse to accept blame and aim to destroy when they don't get their way. They clearly are enjoying their coup attempt.

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