How the Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe money could be distributed

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The millions raised by the Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe campaign should be distributed quickly, says victim compensation lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who administered victim funds after the Boston Marathon bombing and other mass tragedies.

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John Doe says:

Keep it away from Justin !

SuperGogetem says:

Pulse, Boston Marathon both hoaxes. So is this event one as well?

Moto Halo says:

lolol how much goes to that lawyer?

T'Neale Laycock says:

28 people on the bus. Divide the money equally!!! I do not like this man and his way of thinking. He wants the money to go to his law firm so he can charge $400,000 for fees. All people should get the same!

Harmony Miller says:

The people that created the GoFund me page were very clear that the money should go to the victims and their families. That is who it should go to. No one else should have a say in where it should go. Except this – it should NOT be taxed and whoever takes care of it should waive any fees for disbursing it.

Joseph Marton says:

this is canada, although there are 16 dead kids, many paralyzed and maimed for life others will suffer thru life with memories and physical trauma….this is canada ! the truck driver is the REAL victim here !!!!! we should all feel sorry for him, maybe he is transgender, perhaps his feeling might be hurt ? the money should go to the truck driver …he is the victim. trudeau will pay the truck driver $10 million because we violated his rights ! watch for that one. we must all feel sympathy for the truck driver…he just might be a victim of child abuse here….

yjocks says:

I don't agree with the lawyer. There is more than enough money raised that it can be divided equally among the 29 that were on the bus. Failing that it would be more appropriate to give more money to those young men that may have lifelong physical disabilities. The ones that survived should get just as much money as the estates of the deceased if not more. They can still live another 80 years and could have psychological trauma to deal with.

Theresa Henderson94 says:

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skaterboy3718 says:

I agree the money needs to given to the right people and be held accountable. I don't think an even split among the 29 victims and or their family isn't appropriate either. Some of the survivors will have huge bills now and in the future with issues in respect to loss of income, special equipment, housing etc. While it is tragic that lives have been lost but the players did not have someone relying upon them for survival (income). There is probably one family (the Coach) that will have to deal with the loss of the husband and father and most likely the income to support them for years. Everyone needs to be accountable. It is amazing how people have pulled together to support the victims.

Anthony Sharp says:

Of all people CBC, you should know how Foundation's work. You take in millions per year through your ridiculously criminal…

"The Friend's Of The CBC Foundation". How much yearly does the CBC get overpaid from public money? Yet you also run a Foundation for profit scheme? Is it a pay for say? Or something like hush money?

Smacks of money laundering to me.

Andrew Brown says:

9 million dollars now

Karen Acton says:

The money should be used for all medical bills for each person hospitalized, funerals for all the deceased then the remainder could help with those with disabilities that will be a lifetime thing. No amount of money will bring anyone back.

Flat Earth Preacher says:

Boston bombing was a staged drill no one was hurt just smoke bombs

Imma H8tr says:

Go ask Nora Loreto how the funds should be distributed.
"I'm trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role."
Do you know this person CBC? I find this statement to be a horrifying example of far left hate speech.

KT says:

The money going to the deceased victim's families (of the players) I think should just be enough to cover the funerals (the average I think can be from $2000-$5000 in my experience). As harsh as it sounds, I just don't understand how the families getting excess money for someone dying is actual useful. Especially in the cases of the kids, since I don't think they were bringing in a significant amount of income to the family. Therefore, I think the family will suffer more of an emotional shock than financial. No amount of money can help with that. In fact, it can just make it worse and cause arguments.
As for the older adults that may have had a spouse or dependant, I can see how getting financial help may be needed. But you have to be reasonable, and think about how much do they actually need in order to get by until they figure out how to be independent/find another source of income. I know we don't want to think about it, but I've had a few deaths in my family, and it can get pretty sick when it comes to how some members get greedy and want to be compensated because someone you're related to died. To me, it just makes no sense.
As for the survivors, I agree with how he said it should be split up. It seems like a simple, but effective way of gauging how severe the injuries are without getting too technical. It could be very possible that some of these people won't ever be able to return to their work again, or have their dream of playing pro hockey be over. I think it's reasonable to have the money going towards tuition for school to find another dream. Or to help pay the bills while they try and find another job that they can do.
My final point: spend the majority of the money on the living, not on the dead (or those who feel like the dead owe them something).

Gary M says:

I agree. Divide it equally amongst the 16 families

Lloyd MacDuff says:

Have all the players in one area buried in a major cementary but with a statu with all there names and a head banner of Humboldt Broncos and the ones that live from this should also be included when they past

vict oria says:

Nice gesture but the money still wont bring back the kids. Rest In Peace ❤️

VR says:

I like the lawyer. Direct without any BS.

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