Last Woman Standing Laura Ingraham Nails It On The SADISTIC SYRIAN STRIKE

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slobodan888 says:

What is Gorka smoking? I thought he was estranged from the Trump Adminstration.
"In an astonishing admission, Mattis says there is “no evidence” that suggests Assad used the banned nerve agent Sarin." "Mattis went on to acknowledge that “aid groups and others” had provided evidence and reports but stopped short of naming President Assad as the culprit." This about the 2017 'gas attack' and it's on all the news websites…if you look.
Gorka is a liar and a neocon traitor and needs to be frog marched to Guantanamo Bay.

hangar2247 says:

Mac Gregor made Gorka look stupid.

hangar2247 says:

I thought Gorka was a smart man , his comments here have changed my mind. Is he part of the deep state now?

hangar2247 says:

I'm still waiting on the whereabouts of the WMD's I was told were in Iraq back in 1990.

Tom Clark says:

"The state of Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the methods of provocation and revenge… And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.” — From the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli's first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.

Its been going on since…ever since we lost WW2 to communism and the parasitical vermin that invented it..has spread to all the gov heads of the industrial world…who want a new world without useless eaters causing climate change and ruining their utopia with their carbon footprint.

Eugene Collins says:

Trump fucked up.

joe doe says:

rah rah rah!!!!!!!

James Susanka says:

sabastian is a moron. hey sabby the retired general is so much smarter than you it is a joke. sabby is everything that is wrong in the world. not even sure why I watched this crap.

Executive Travel of Nashville says:

Tell them Gorka

MrJoedotmac says:

Gorka sounds like GWB when he stated "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists". Only providing a binary choice. Sorry Dr Gorka, its not that simple. This entire situation is way way way too convenient and coincidental. The jihadi groups have been decimated. US announces we're pulling out, Russia does the same. What's Assad's motivation for killing 40+ people with sarin and chlorine chemical weapons while on the verge of peace being restored?

The Swedish ambassador drafted a proposal for a fact finding mission by the OPCW to investigate the chemical weapons site in Syria, of which was voted down by the US and failed to gain enough votes in the UN.

The US leadership doesn't want any possible other findings to compete with the CIA generated narrative.

The source for the US claimed intelligence is the Syrian American Medical Society which is a pro Islamist propaganda outlet, based in the US, financed by the CIA. Additionally the White Helmets, another US backed pro Islamist outfit, were the "first responders" in the video pouring water over peoples heads. This is the US media's proof.

Local NGO's Syrian Red Crescent (UN Partner) and International Red Cross have not noted any individuals coming from the area with any signs of chemical weapons symptoms.

There's articles and YouTube videos that show one of the chlorine gas canisters that came through the roof didn't explode with MERCK Corporation in Germany labeled.

Dennis ! says:

We’ll see how Jeanine Pirro reacts

Rakesh Dass says:

Assad dint do it….period.

BloodTar says:

Article 1 section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states clearly that only Congress has the authority to declare war, not the President.
We have a President and CEO in the White House….not a King.

S Atkinson says:

Just show us the proof, otherwise, this is a set up. Glad most people can see it. I'm disappointed in our President today.

Ramon E Alvarez says:

I like @SebGorka but on this one I disagree… We have seen intelligence manipulated! Specially intelligence from the SWAMP!!!

Robert Tombs says:

If Putin and the rest of the Democrats hate what Trump did, than Trump must be correct.

SurfinServer says:

Gorka is wrong and uses belligerence to prove his point. Proof rather than belligerence would be better.

Kent A says:

Who is bombing USA for killing 100 000 + children and their mothers under the Iraq war?

anna belle says:

"Assert our moral clarity" what does that even mean? Gorka doesn't care that America is going broke fighting and dying for a "Greater Israel". Sarah Carter may be a great political journalist, but she's out of her depth here and her perennial assertions about "sources" are beginning to sound a little glib.. America's founding fathers framed the nation for Americans to prosper in freedom, not to turn every political culture the USA happens to disapprove of into failed states. I could go on…. Annnyway… Thank you Mr Wayne for posting this, hearing Ms Ingraham and Mr McGregor restored my hope for sanity on this subject in the media. Cheers.

Robert Havers says:

If Gorka thinks chemical weapons are the most evil, heinous weapons known to man why is he not pushing for the destruction of US chemical weapons? Go to Vietnam and have a look at the destruction american chemical weapons wrecked on that country. What a GD hypocrite.

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