Mariah Carey reveals battle with bipolar disorder

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Carey revealed to People magazine that she’s been hiding a secret struggle with the condition for nearly 17 years.


bipolar affective disorder 1978 says:

I've got the cure 2 bipolar carey more cocks shoved in your mouth so you'll shut the fuck up relax bitch better seen not heard

Sharron's Take - Family Vlogs & More says:

I’m glad she’s being honest. I know it’s going to help a lot of people.

Ira Williams says:

I can't judge her if she suffers from bipolar disorder considering how crazy Hollywood showbusiness is

downfan1 says:

Like we all didn't already know she had that…

Bipolar Affective Nutjob says:

Yeah Carey u clearly lived in isolation all these yrs with ya head securely up your ass believing the world owed u a living ya entitled fat fuck go fuck yourself

William Griffin says:

She needs to change her diet, relax, use essential oils for aroma therapy and seek Jesus for issues only He can heal.

Ascension Light says:

Mariah is such a legend and a gift to the earth plane

Karen Weber says:

She needs Jesus

Steven Jr says:

My love goes out to her and people suffering from any form of mental illness. ❤️ It's saddens me that some people don't think this is an important thing.

I hate fake people says:

Anxiety anxiety anxiety need to be cured too. Please someone out there find a cure of social anxiety. Stupid health insurance don't cover it. One pill is $4 like WTF

Stephany R says:

Wow! I still love her!

Mark Brown says:

Good luck in your journey.

Michael Bodnar says:

It seemed like some members on this panel just seemed like they were making fun of her and questioning her by their expressions. I watched this the other day when it aired, and I just felt like it was just a tad disrespectful. She is a living legend and a beautiful person. One of the most successful artists of all time. She doesn't get the respect that she deserves. Anyone else get that vibe?

Vanora Moon says:

This country needs to understand that this is an illness, just like a stroke, heart trouble or any other illness; but it is still stigmatized. You can't divulge it because with all the crazies shooting up schools, etc. People think, Bipolar… DANGER!!! Never put on a job application, if you really want the job.

Sarah Adamson says:

Love ya mimi. I suffer from bi polar too and could see it in you before you wanted to admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of hun. Stay healthy. xo

chaz velez says:

The world needs to know wayyyy more about mental health

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired says:

This is nothing new, her siblings came out years ago about Mariah's mental illness.

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