Obama Used State Dept Cash To Fund Massive Illegal Enterprise Nobody Knew About Until Now!

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Al Waisman for the Daily Vine reports, According to financial records, the watchdog group Judicial Watch just obtained the Obama State Department used over $9 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars to help the globalist billionaire George Soros support the socialist government in Albania back in 2016.

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Kari Jones says:

OMG when are these treasonous idiot's going to put in prison I'm so pissed and sick of hearing about the wrong they've all done to the UNITED States of America and the American people what's it take seriously get them Now what's the hold up none of them deserve to even in America right along with the illegals go president TRUMP 2020

Ralph Esposito says:

Too bad Sessions will do nothing about it.

Jim Wills says:

He and Soros are nothing but pigs.

Viper1 says:

There we go again, violating I hope some federal law and order regulation. Everything he did to this country to overthrow the system as well as other countries…all this while he still receivea a hefty pension, lifetime 24/7 security, FISA, Uranium One knowledge etc. Can we say treason, sedation etc? Open up the cases regarding his birth certificate, should prove everything…Guatamino bound like the remaing holdout lifer RHINOs…

Luba Patitucci says:

Why is he still walking around? Lock Obama up!

Darric LP says:

Obama is a traitor and must be brought to justice

Chelo Fig says:

Oh well I’m guessing he’s in jail then, right?

Linda Bergman says:

Obama is a sleazy scumbag traitorous Indonesian shill!!

Robert Clopton says:

why has this criminal, not been arrested yet?

John Balducci says:

Why does YouTube allow the garbage new on their site. This junk is as bad as Facebook with stories that are not true! Junk pure junk!

Libertarian Army Veteran says:

Soros just lost a major election backing in his home country of Hungary in their national election. The right wing pro borders President was re-elected for a 3rd term. Way to go people of Hungary!

sandra burke says:

Bet they are still pulling money from accounts that backs the SYRIA PROBLEM,there's a good reason they don't want Trump to pull our troops from there. MONEY is DEMS REASON!

Art Dodge says:

This guy Obama needs to swing at the end of a rope in public so everyone can see what happens to evil. Art

Montgomery Green says:

Straight up treasonous faggot nigger

Verdun84 says:

Sick and tired of this moron why is not in jail.

Will Clrh2o says:

Of course this traitor Obama did and much more. When will he go to jail??? When????

Elvis Dave says:

Why doesn't this surprise me about Obama? Everything Obama was involved in was stealing Taxpayer money! Like the millions he secretly had drop – shipped to Iran! Over 400 million was recently uncovered he stole from American Taxpayers! Time for Obama to be indicted!

Annie: Lewis says:

Will someone please tell me why this idiot would be giving our money to this rich piece of sh$$ Georgia Soros, Obama should be under the jail not in it or hung.

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