Steve Scalise Grills Mark Zuckerberg About Facebook Liberal Bias

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Rep Steve Scalise grills Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s algorithm and the company’s bias against conservatives. ⚠️ Order your “Liberalism: Find a Cure” or “Russian Bot” shirts here: – 🚨 Subscribe 🚨

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Mark Dice says:

What a lying piece of trash. He's not even under oath. And to liberals, they don't consider it a "bias," they consider themselves to be "right" and fighting for "social justice." There's a whole chapter about this in my book, "The True Story of Fake News" – Order it from Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. Get a great book, and support this channel. You won't be disappointed.

Ben Cornwell says:

Didn’t work. Lol reps and dems and suckerterd lost that election. Eff Facebook YouTube is next to go. Looking for something new.

Daniel Hayon says:

Suckerberg, much like the rest of his liberal criminal friends, got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to do. It's almost laughable how he's trying to spin his way out of the questions posed. A big part of what Fecebook does is exactly why he's there. They take your data and make money with it without your consent. The veil has been lifted from these social sites. These sites are nothing more than data miners, sold to the right organizations for a price, whether you like it or not.

Pat ##### says:

Honestly I can't believe they're calling him out on this I figured they're all in bed together wow

Ben Krom says:

Scalise sounds like he's hinting you better be thinking of throwing someone under the bus or you're gonna take the full impact of the investigation !

Ed Al Ander says:

c mamo zukaritas

Steve D says:


Dan Willow says:

Facebook is pushing the socialist agenda so they can help the NWO control everything. Money, assets, commodities and you. Facebook needs to be broken up.

coolbeans 2016 says:

L-I-E!!!!!!!!! TOTAL COMPLETE L-I-E!!!!!!!!!!!!

Col Jackson says:

No bias my ass

R says:

Break up Facebook & Google just like Bell Telephone.

1MissRosmerta says:

Dont people go to jail for lying to Congress?

ener3 says:

Facebook is politically biased, no doubt.

Mark Rogers says:

There is absolutely a bias leaning left. The only ones that can't see that, strangely enough are liberals.

JunkMailBoxStuff says:

He responds like a smug little weasel:
….. 'Congressman, … (humm, dodge, wiggle, twist, deflect …) blah, blah'
[MODERATOR]: We're out of time.

MARKxist Zuckerberg …. dodges another question by slow answering and dumb responses. Are we sure he really designed this program and runs this company? I've met smarter middle school kids at lemonade stands.

FB is 1-sided in their "safe and free speech" agenda.
Default FB settings are invasive to people's privacy and are not forthcoming about how user's personal information is used.

The average person cannot filter through the complex & lengthy user terms and agreements written by corporate attorneys, but FB & Zuckerberg knew this & had full intent to do this.

Joe P says:

He's a liar.

WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513 says:

Never had a FB never will more of a headache and invasion of privacy if you ask me

dazzerstar says:

He seems to fit the profile of an apergers sufferer

dazzerstar says:

If anyone still uses Facebook after this slimey cunts performance and contrite demeanour well you deserve to be in the lions den

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