‘The Simpsons’ under fire over concerns about racism

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The popular animated show is facing harsh backlash for the way it responded to criticism about the character Apu.


lessly carthan says:

Its a fucking cartoon a comedic cartoon everybody go fuck yourself

Steph says:

I'm glad the show only "shrugged" at this. This is ridiculous. People, get a life.

Soundwave 47 says:

Apu is fucking awesome!!

Blither box says:

Other people and their guilt trips.  Everything triggers them. So what? Why is that supposed to be a reason to change everything? Its outlandish.

Super Mario Dan says:

Ok, this is stupid. Family Guy has been way more rascist,and no body cares. The Simpsons is more innocent and it’s ridiculous that every body is freaking out over a stereotype that has existed in the Simpsons since day 1.

JackTradesman says:

White people found found a popular character offensive and he was banned for years. Then Mexicans helped Speedy Gonzalez finally return… History will repeat again.

a ten says:

Apu have been around since 1990 why now

Coolidge Dollar says:

I can't possibly love the Indian people more than I do, so obviously years of watching The Simpsons didn't hurt.

Maple Flavor says:

give an inch and they take a mile. the show shouldn't have addressed it at all

dank kind says:

Leave The Simpsons alone sjw

Kyle Jones says:

Sensitive sally’s

things people like says:


Robert Henderson says:

It's too bad that in a country where everyone hates racism everyone is also called a racist. Ridiculous is to to nice a word for it. Insanity is getting close. Id say this is a testament to humans ability to be angry for no reason. Someone should do a study on this. America is filled with people claiming racism when they've truthfully never experienced it. Or rape for that matter. When Germany was invaded by Russians after ww2 it was estimated 2 million German women were forcibly raped. A drunk college girl getting fucked at a frat party that she was more then happy to go to, and where slutty clothes, and flirt like crazy, get drunk and take drugs, does not equate to rape. That's just her making bad decisions. She wasn't raped by invading soldiers, she's just a slut college girl. Sorry for the truth bomb.

Jose Ramirez says:

all these people complaining about everything smh

Trayxxxx says:

So is really gotten to this point huh?
For fucksake….

a bored artist says:

This show has literally been going on for years but they only want to mention this now?

drinny26 says:

So the Indian community would rather an Indian character be retired and taken off the television than have an Indian character on prime time tv? Ok whatever.

drinny26 says:

Bye Felicia. If you're offended by anything look the other way.

Boken ka gaming says:

Apu is such a cool character

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