Trey Gowdy Sent Democrats Running For The Hills With This Devastating Answer

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The Great American Daily reports, Democrats were furious that Donald Trump took a dramatic step to secure America’s border. Liberals – and their media allies – pitched a fit when the President dispatched the National Guard to the southern border.

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SpadeGhostVampire7777 says:

I agree with President Trump. I am not sure about Trey Gowdy though because he did the reverse sentence thing that threw me off where I thought at first he was for it, but then jumped the words that he is against it. That stuff perplexes me. If he is with President Trump, then I trust Trey Gowdy because President Trump trusts Trey Gowdy.

Harry Hegarty says:

Absolutel! Agree! Trump is an incredible President!!! Sadden the Trey Gordy is leaving Congress. God Bless! them both

dale tucker says:

i agree 100%

captainjerk says:

That's right!
GOWDY 2024!

MrXemrox says:

Yes it must be strengthen, and should come in legally, and not be pushed back to the line.

I'm for orderly immigration, and make sure past robbers don't come back, back only let in law abiding ones in. And not push them to the back of the line to citizenship.

Saundra Hansell says:

It's our border – what do ppl not get about that. Nut I have no respect for Gowdy the do nothing mouth piece.

3DPDK says:

At the start of this country, the "designers" decided that the rules governing the local society of each state was best handled by each state. The one and only job of the federal government was to protect the states from foreign incursion or invasion. That's it. Trump is doing the job demanded by the Founding Fathers.

Trond Leonerico Tverback says:

Donald "ThePornClownSmurf" Trump strikes again ? LOLOLOL

Approval rating 40,2 % (He has beaten all the record's ? I really,- really can't stop laughing !) LOLOLOL

Roberta Hall says:

Yes!! maintain the border at all costs.

Edwin Stevenson says:

sop , he is not the first president to do so

Joe Morales says:

Let's push the trash back to the other side of the border

Brian Rakes says:

Yes I do! Empaticly

Kim O says:

Course the Democrats are mad you’re taking away their votes

OHIO White Knight says:

There both right on track!!!!

Leah Rowe says:

I agree… The U.S. needs stronger border laws!!!


I love liberals going balistic over good laws they deem as bad "securing our borders" is a good thing or it should be if liberals are against Americans protecting ourselves it's time for people to wake up and think about it with an open mind

R J says:

the left are all traitors to this country and we should put an end to all this non sense from them. the left wing media should have their licenses pulled , let them spew their BS then!

Onis Wolsey says:

I agree with them, Keep up the good work in protecting the USA, and thank you.

Little Shepherd Farm says:

Dems are just ticked off because Trump is putting a stop to their drug running and the money it brings in! Shut that border down right now, Mr. President!! Way to go.

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