White House press briefing on Paul Ryan retirement, Syria, Russia | ABC News

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders takes questions from the media, followed by analysis on ABC News’ “The Briefing Room.”

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Repeal 16 says:


Charles Heady says:

this bitch eyes tryna kiss eachother

Susanna Rossen says:

i think SHSanders needs a shrink. she has a horrible job it MUST be getting to her on a psycholigical level

Thomas Morman says:

America has never received credible information from this cunt. Only spin and hyperbole. Why is she still here?

Andrew Havili says:

If I have I have 20 millions and I give it to him I love the Facebook yes . how they use the Facebook or other device. The MOM and DAD should be not allowed the kids to through online . Any device free country do too anything that people like. No matter what

Venus Reena says:

Can Ryan take Sessions with him?
Im sure POTUS wont mind…..

N G says:

ABC is funded in whole or in part by Disney.

FAQ (to save time, as I get so many of the same responses over and over):

Q: Why are you posting this/who cares?

A: YouTube has decided to include "warning labels" on certain videos telling people where they get their funding. I noticed they "accidentally" missed all of the mainstream media sources, so I am helping them to correct this. I'm sure it's just an honest oversight by YouTube and not a deliberate attempt to manipulate opinions or smear sources regarded as "undesirable" by the establishment, so doubtless they will appreciate my efforts to assist them in promoting greater transparency. As should you!

Q: Yeah, well Fox/Trump/Clinton/Obama/MSNBC/CNN/Whatever are [insert whatever objection, real or imagined]!

A: Okay. I don't support Trump, and I didn't support Obama or Clinton. I oppose both the neoconservatives and the neoliberals. Whatever you're saying about them isn't going to upset me, though much of it will be factually inaccurate (but that's okay, because there are good and REAL reasons to dislike all of the above, if you bothered to educate yourself rather than regurgitating talking points).

Q: You're wrong/shut up bitch!

A: Not liking the truth doesn't make it not the truth. If the truth angers you, perhaps it should. Perhaps you should spend more time examining why it angers you so much. Why does it make you so defensive when I point out that you're getting your news from wealthy, powerful individuals and corporations with vested interests in controlling narratives?

Q: Why aren't you responding to my comments?

A: I made this FAQ so that I wouldn't have to. As people have continued regardless, and as I don't have the time to deal with those who like to do endless back-and-forth exchanges, I've decided to simply refuse to respond. Rest assured that if you say something I actually want to respond to, I may still do it, and if you say something I like, I may still upvote it. But if I don't do either, it's not because I didn't get a notification from YouTube that you commented. I saw. I just don't care.

DeanTo TheRescue says:

You can't even make reckless statements like that.  If Russia believes WW3 is imminent anyway, they may just cut to the chase and launch their nukes.


webmediafactors4 says:

Is noone else disturbed by the fact that his administration is now officially stating that he will be president for 2 terms? Its one thing for a singular man to be a braggart, but the institutionalization seems to imply something more sinister.

Jerry M says:

She has to have these pre planned nonsense responses that she tries to make appear as if she is answering at the time instead of reading because it's hard to lie for that long I guess.

Jerry M says:

Stop reading your pre planned answers!!

Jerry M says:

How does this woman live with herself? I mean just the brazen way she lies through her teeth to all of us is the real disgrace. The man said in his own words that the missles were coming for gods sake and she acts like he didn't! Take a look at his Twitter to see it for yourself!

Alex Kalinichenko says:

American pussy

Indra Jayaram says:

I do not know why the American media are soooo dumb!
When u want to catch people…example ISIS, you do want to advertise what you intend to do and when.
When you want people to get out (in this case Russians) you advertise your intentions. This is reasonable as you do want to avoid a direct confrontation with the Russians…you just wanna get Assad

Jennifer Hart says:

Why do you journalists waste your time with this crap?
She is so full of lies and contempt for you, it’s painful to watch .

Alfred Degiorgio says:

TRUMP HAS ACCUSED THE FBI OF “AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY”, ON NATIONAL TV!. This is an incendiary incitement to violence against the FBI and the DOJ by our president preceded some months ago by his public condemnation of our responsible media as “an enemy of the people”. Trump is a frightened, desperate, and deranged man who is a clear and present danger to national law and order. He must be stopped before it is too late.

Walt says:

The Left Wing hate mongers continue to make an effort to condition the minds of Americans through False and Misleading words about Trump.
The reason the Democrat hate monger do not like Trump is Trump is everything Obama was not!
Obama was the dictator how imposed commands through his famously violent temper.
It was Obama who corrupted the FBI. CIA, IRS, DOJ, and the State Dept.! It was Obama who ran illegal guns to Mexican Cartels that got Border Agents murdered!
It was Obama and Hillary who got our Ambassador Murdered and failed to send them help.
It was Obama who caused the blacks to become violent and create the Terrorist hate group Antifa, and Black lives matter!
It was Obama who lied who failed to react to gas attacks by Assad.
It was Obama's man Comey to lied and ignored evidence to protect Hillary Clinton from treason charges!
The list could go no for an hour of Obama's failures.
That is why the Communist News Media, Hollywood, Democrats, Progressive, hate Trump.
That is why Mueller is trying to create a crime to accuse Trump of. Comey and Mueller were part of the Obama team that encouraged Russian corruption of our voting system. They embraced Russia and they were bought off by Russia.

Brian O'Kongkohr says:

BTW – your daughter at 16 is mostly grown by now, Mr. "Genuine Father" – LOL. But your math has always been fuzzy. You already missed most of her critical years as a child… THOUGH please, don't forget to let the door hit your A$$ on the way out anyway – A$$UMING you're TARRED & feathered and the door, that you helped set on fire, swings shut, Captain A$$ Hat Paul Ryan. Great job $TARVING grannies by trying to GUT the VERY SAME Soc Sec survivor benefits that got your SORRY A$$ through high school and college – before you married rich and "somehow" PER$ONALLY "saved up" $7 million "on a congressman's salary" after 18 years. Must made some "nice investments" others that make what you did couldn't get. Thus – your WHOLE life has been on the GOVT DOLE yet you're a Captain of Tax Cut Industry for the 1%'s skyrocketing finance profits even when they didn't create real jobs – but used public resources. Then you LIED about it.

A despicable human being – but a $AINT to the DONOR CLA$$ by being a total lying $HIT to working class interests and their ever decreasing buying power. "Thankfully" for you, you're a competent talking conman… in Congress as a pauper and OUT as a multi millionaire. Hmm… Predictably, there's an under-the-radar BIG LOBBY career in your continued government BIG DONOR leaching future, Mr "Humanitarian". "Ambition and self benefit at average taxpayers expense & adding decay to their future is necessary to join my masters table, the Big Donors". That distills your career PERFECTLY.

And "thanks" for denying the embassy security budget Obama requested that embassy security NEEDED – then later drum on "that Bengazi didn't have adequate security" as the Obama admin made clear WOULD BE THE CASE for MOST EMBASSIES because of YOUR GOP CUTS well BEFORE Benghazi happened! Yet you ceaselessly voted for PORK for your DONOR$ as the definition of HYPOCRISY at the expense of the American people. Though you slickly avoided being caught til Biden put the spotlight on it – LOL. That's the DONOR CLA$$ loving, critical-budget cutting "Paul Ryan and 'FRIEND$'" we know! Way to vote for the cancer that grows in America: ideology over sense – saving cents for the BIG LOBBY CLA$$ to LOSE dollars for American working people and sane investment in their future.

Kenneth Dennes says:

Sarah Sanders used to suck barnacles from underneath cruise ships. Now, as press secretary she sucks Trump's balls all day. Pinche vale Verga

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