WORLD WAR SYRIA w/ Syrian Girl

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Sleepwalking into another Middle Eastern quagmire.

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Sergey Polechshuk says:

Russia will not do anything with the US And if it does. Then all the Russian bases in Syria will be buried in Syria in a few hours. But Russia will turn the country into minced meat for a few days. That's Russia and is sitting on the ass. And in general, Russia is a colony of the United States and this is all a spectacle

sumwhatkeezy says:

Wow, Syrian girl is very beautiful and sexy.

Codified Gamer says:

All this information and no references. Where does the the us state department says that both sides are using chemical weapons. can you give me the exact date, so i can find it easier?

Carol Van Goethem says:

This woman is anti-semitic!

Martin Donohoe says:

The Jewnited Kikedom stands rock solid with the Jewnited Shtetls of Jewmurica.

john rodz says:

Maram Susli Bitch we know who you're a pro- bashar Al-Assad and one of his whores

Mat Bledski says:

So first you screw up syria. Then take the people into your country. Then go back and pull the plug on syria again… Lemme guess. Then well take the people in again….

thatdewd says:


thatdewd says:


Bill Novitsky says:

I don't believe anyone.

Kim Bird says:

america again attacking another country that now makes 73 countries since the last war. for no real reason .and without any one attacking american.mainland . your governors are sick and need taking out to save lives .

Culture Detox says:

Saudi and Israel are the same coin

Dave Dennis says:

What is Assad's position on the Israel/Palestinian debate? Is Assad against the existence of Israel?

Kim Bird says:

i looked at the video on the bbc news regarding a chemical attack on children in syria. saying that their own leader had done it .well my opinion, it looks like it was staged .the children never had puffy eyes, nor was they crying , just water being poured over their heads and body . the whole thing stinks .mrs may and trump are liars .

yulog kerrang says:

anyone notice how much girls like to look hot for paul I mean girls put on make up whenever they on cam at all but look at the roaming millennial vid shes dolled up like a high class escort and this Syrian girl with her pink lipstick and blouse they go the extra mile for PJW he must get hella strange.

trop68 says:

I want missiles to be fired into Israel and US mainland.

Steve Bryan says:

The deep state wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by by human race obviously you were to stupid to live.

Steve Bryan says:

Trump must have had a brain fart.

Steve Bryan says:

We are fucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Detente says:

Syrian Girl is a moron. A fuckable moron, but a moron nonetheless. Doesn’t take a kike to see Israel running their usual divide and fight-by-proxy shit going on here.

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