You Will Not Believe The Evil Of Deep State Fox News As They Now Employ The Enemy Of Humanity

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hangar2247 says:

This really seems like Deep state propaganda. When the demorats and MSM agree on military action against Syria , something stinks.

Chainsaw Surgeon says:

So to keep people from dying you have to kill lot more people ?

joe doe says:

The evil deep.state is apathetic americans. REVOKE REMOVE.REPLACE the entire broken corrupt fed gov. CONSTITUTIONAL march to DC

Kenny Reck says:

John “Insane In The Brain” McCain looks like a cross between a 200yo turtle out of its shell and Ram-Man from Masters Of The Universe with a twist of a tall mini me from Austin Powers…Im sick of globalists like him they're evil puppets disguised as conservative republicans…

SurfinServer says:

This belongs in the 'Audacity Files' collection and ranked #1 for 'In your face' mind-f*ck.

busymountain says:

You didn’t notice Trump forecast the missiles for Syria and Russia. That’s why they shot down so many.

hexencoff says:

Thank god we struck empty buildings again we spent money destroyed nothing killed no one this is all bullshit

Joel Threatt says:

Trump shouldnt fall for this crap. I am starting to get disapointed. If mccain is involved rest assured it stinks

hr 777 says:

who are the real rats?????
i dont believe this crap
find out who really actually did this
find out who really actually did this
find out who really actually did this

HermesBlRD says:

No surprises the strange way the reporters save for Tucker and possibly Laura's segments addressed the issue. Not only did Trump betray us but now fox is as well. They better keep Tucker on or we better boycott them and fast.

WakeTheFuckUp says:

Now with the Trump admin going to war with Syria and potentially Russia….. over another shadow government false flag… the globalists shall bury all of their lies and millions of innocent civilians with them.
The CIA Mockingbird media will shower you with their false HIStory.
Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.
"By deception thou shalt do war – Mossad"
”Divide & Conquer”
"Ordo Ab Chao"
"E Pluribus Unum"
"Novus Ordo Seclorum"
Welcome to the UN-elected "totalitarian" New World Order! (By way of consent or conquest – James Warburg).
Hey look over there folks; Iraq has… errr I mean Syria has weapons of mass DELUSIONS

pilots71 says:

Piece of shit ! And fuck you Fox News no more watching your propaganda……

The AntiCoIntelPro Show says:

Did You See???
The Guy On The Left Of Insane John McCain The Whore Of War Is The Guy Being Interviewed On Fox News Like He Is Not An ISIS Terrorist

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