You Won’t Believe Why A Major Celebrity Is Going After Melania

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The Great American Daily reports, Historically, the mainstream media hasn’t attacked First Ladies. But with Melania Trump, the media has been relentless. And one major celebrity just launched a disgusting attack against Melania Trump.

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captainjerk says:

Kimmel does not speak for me.

Ruth Gallo says:

He can barely speak American let alone English. PATHETIC LITTLE PERSON ( NOT A MAN ) And if his side kick. Thought it was funny. He better think twice  the agenda of Kimmel and his sort Towards all people with an accent . We finally have people with class a sense of Reality , Skill , integrity in the White House Kennedy was the last . Mr. and Mrs Trump do not hand out interviews like candy.  Maybe kimmel maybe snow flacks done like it !! It is poor taste FOR THE FIRST COUPLE TO GO ON TV LIKE So called celebrities  Lacking integrity Doing anything for money .. Obummers were pathetic tasteless classless tv hounds . .THE PRESIDENT AND HIS FAMILY SHOULD NOT PUT THEMSELVES IN THAT CATEGORY!


This is how you know liberals and their talking points are bias and full of crap they attack immigrants and women why are feminists not attacking Kimmel why aren't immigrants attacking Kimmel to resign because that's right she is a conservative and of course married to the president liberals only want money and power and they don't give a crap about us

Lil Devil says:

That's not a major celeb that's a pain in the ass

M S says:

funny bc she can speak multiple laguanges and kimmel only speaks democratic shilling

Ken Kozma says:

If kimmel did that in North Korea he would already be dead.


Classiest frist lady since jackie O

TheOrganiclady says:

This isn't a report. You missed the mark AGAIN. DOES ANYONE CARE WHAT KIMMEL HAS TO SAY??? Why don't you do some real reporting.

Rebel Man says:

He a Racist, Creepy Pervert!
Screw you Jimmy & your Advertisers BOYCOTT!……..

Joe De La Garza says:

Boycott Jimmy’s sponsors!!!

rncine says:

Call him what he is, Jimmy Kimmel is a bully!

hawkercaine hawkercaine says:

so kimmels a racist who would have thunk

Wenu Schnitzel says:

I don't get America these days. Either way I stand by my president even if I don't always agree.

StephanielovesJesus1 says:

***Bye Jimmy Kimmel – must be BFF's w/ the View!!

Nickle says:

I'll bet she speaks much better German, Russian or French than Kimmel does. English is her second language, and she speaks it well enough for me. Hell, I bet even I speak better German than Kimmel does. He's a spineless buffoon. Maybe he should stick to what he does well, smut like The Man Show. He's a useful idiot, as the Communists would say. I think he's useless, just a waste of oxygen.

Chief Runamok says:

Kimmel is nothing but a sad joke! Our First Lady, Melania, may not have been born in The United States, but she's way more patriotic and respectable than the two dudes that were in the White House before!! And thank god, that we now have an actual Woman for our First Lady again. She's an awesome First Lady and I'll support and stand up for her any day!!

American Girl says:

Commie Kimmel. Puke.

Amber Donaldson says:

Kimmel is a POS!

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