Zuckerberg Short Circuits

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Mark Dice says:

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Robert Bennett says:

He can't answer what is hate speech because there is no such thing as hate speech. There is only speech. If you think you can go through life without being offended you are delusional and immature. The media and government have conspired to use propaganda to stifle free speech by inventing a phrase ' Hate Speech'.

Mr Gee says:

do not disassemble; do not disassemble

Carrie Brown says:

He works for the CIA – ppl don’t know this

Carrie Brown says:

Zuck is a nazi dirt bag and will not allow me to delete my account! Ive tried! Bastard! Says deleted and gone but it is not ! Im owned! Im sueing his ass

HiTekRedNek says:

If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had a son, it would be Cory Booker!

Maxime Veilleux says:

Seems to me like he has some ear piece and somebody is dictating answers to him.

Jim white says:

these old guys is DC should be looking at FB as a monopoly- FB does hold a narrow views on how they address issues on freedom of speech–this is how they think behind curtain #3

Swedormie Normie says:

*drinks water*

GRB201110119 says:

You know I'm not one to believe in aliens ever having been to to earth, but after looking at this zuckerberg character. ??????? Can you hear the X files music?

Blueberry Delight says:

The engineers that created this robot kind of messed up the eyes a bit. Doesn't look human enough. That or God made the lizard wrong.

Jo Lyn says:

Lol he looks like I did when my parents asked me what I am doing and all I could say was……nothing.

Patrick Todd says:

I strongly believe that Zucc has something similar to Asperger's Syndrome.

Minecrafted says:

Fuck you. Zuckerberg has done nothing wrong. He isn't selling data. I'm sure everyone in that room knows that. They are doing this to show "they *care*". All Facebook is doing with your data is using it to show you the right ads.

They don't even look at the data. The AI might look at it, but no human has or will never look at it.

Go to hell.


Justin Nother says:

The only algorithm Booker knows is dancing with Al Gore.

Bjswac says:

So we need programers who are black or muslims too? Why does someone's race or religion has anything to do with writing a code?

Christa H says:

That old man chairs the 'senate republican high tech task force'? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! It's no wonder the left has us beat all to hell when it comes to technology and controlling the internet.. The right literally has geezers running the tech on our side. Good Lord…

Robertperry777 says:

great job mark , awesome vid ,,

C Griffin says:

He does have a Data look. Ha…  Data Zuckerberg. His facial expressions are the same. Look at old Star Trek episodes.

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