🇮🇱 Israel forces continue to ‘shoot to kill’ Gaza protesters | Al Jazeera English

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Gaza’s health ministry says Israeli soldiers have killed more than 30 protesters and injured at least 1,600 others with live fire, since demonstrations on the border began more than two weeks ago.

Friday’s protests are being dubbed as “flag burning day” and are part of an on-going call for a “right of return” for Palestinians.

Al Jazeera’s Harry fawcett reports from Gaza.

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Richard Raymond says:

Israel kill them mother***### pl

gibson gibson l says:

Will this ever end?? its been going on for thousands of years but this time around technology will change the outcome of the world’s and its inhabitant’s futur…… We are all being made to pay a price for something we didn’t not create..

J R says:

Open fire,Israel

Ramsey Bolton says:

Just nuke Gaza already!
Idk what they're waiting for.

BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:


"before the end of days, God will bring the Children of Israel to retake POSSESION of the Land, gathering them from the different countries and nations" Sura 17:104

“O my people, enter the holy land (Israel) that GOD has DECREED for you, do not rebel, lest you become losers.” Sura 5:21
From an ISLAMIC POINT OF VIEW, Israel is the legitimate owner of the land God gave to the Jews whose borders were defined by Abraham.

BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:

It is a common accusation that Israel uses 'disproportionate force', which apparently puts Israel in the wrong. I can think of no war in human history in which either side has been concerned about keeping the force they use proportionate. Armies fight to win, and they use all the force they have at their disposal to do so. If the Palestinians had tanks and fighter jets, they would of course use them. That they do not is not Israel's fault. If they don't want to be attacked with disproportionate force they should not initiate a war against a superior enemy. The point is, of course, that they DO want to be attacked with disproportionate force, because that is the only way to get dead Palestinian children onto the TV news, because what Fatah & Hamas is fighting (and winning) is a propaganda war, not a military one

chinko says:

You have to send all the Israeli snipe Shooters back to school to learn how to shoot straight if all they got was 17 Arabs. Obviously, the soldiers are only aiming at the instigators

zigg zagg says:


Seven Sevens says:

But we need proof this is real.

E K says:

For as long as Gazans are a threat to Israel, they will know no peace.

shaindy weiss says:

Lest week was a terrorist attack in Israel, why don’t you talk about this, ugly Jew hater

Ape man Commeth says:

Palestinians have the right to live up until they try to terrorize Israel! Than they’ll get a sweet gift! Lead!

John Doe says:

2:20 non-violent and peaceful? really???

John Doe says:

build a protester zoo, and charge tourists $5.00 to throw bananas to them – in their cages… problem solved!



Abhijeet Kumar says:

Can I go to Turkey without passport, without visa, and unarmed??
Why are they crossing?

Alejandro Arditi Volvo says:

Dont come close tu us!

Kat McCastor says:

Israel is smaller than New Hampshire. Move along to a Muslim nation. It's been 70 years since you lost the war. Get over it.Stop trying to get every last Muslim nation to gang up on them Jews. Your sore losers. The native Americans moved along peacefully.

ducatiist says:

Return to what? Where do you plan to live?

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