🇵🇸 Palestinian journalists fear being targeted during protests | Al Jazeera English

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Thousands of Palestinians are preparing for a third Friday of protests along the Gaza-Israel border fence.

Gaza’s health ministry says more than 1,600 demonstrators have been shot by Israeli forces so far, 30 of them killed.

Among the dead was Yaser Murtaja, a freelance photographer.

Local journalists who are preparing to cover the latest demonstrations say they believe they are being deliberately targeted.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from Gaza

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bla ba says:

he was not a journalist,
he was a spy with advanced cameras and lenses photographing military outposts
if u dont want to get hurt, stay away from the border , VERY EASY

Yoav Yoav says:

lol "Palestinian journalists" haha good one Al Jazeera. give my regards to Tamim.

Demo Socratous says:

Palastinians – Never do anything kind – They love Hating – They are nothing but trouble – They live to Hate — They are a race of Haters

Lamar Passmore says:

What is The Islamic Revivalist Movement anyway?

Zionist Fuckrahell says:

Suppressing the media by openly murdering journalists?
Where are the sanctions now? Oh it's not Russia.

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