🇸🇾 US and allies strike Syria ‘chemical weapons sites’ | Al Jazeera English

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The United States, France, and the UK have taken military action against Syria in response to last Saturday’s suspected chemical attack in Douma that killed at least 85 people and affected hundreds others.

The targets of the US-led airstrikes are reportedly President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons production facilities.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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Adit Wahab says:

I hope soldiers in the US, UK, and French armies revolt and conduct mutiny against the lying governments. Can you imagine the hearts and minds of these soldiers that are preparing to go to war based on lies?

Damian Houlihan says:

Would have bn easier to drop a bomb on the country .

Lakikilla says:

Great!Thank you Mr.President!

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

wag the dog`? someone`?

peter gaumer says:

1939 – adolf hitler = liar
2018 – trump = liar.

Praveen Rajput says:

it seems that the al jazeera is only watched by dictatorial sympathisers and radical islamists(as I came to know through the comments and like/dislikes).US did the right thing attacking the chemical weapon sites in Syria. No one can justify the use of harmful chemical weapons on unguarded children.

Sebastie Cortes says:

Because Libya went so well. American taking the refugees they're gonna make, off course he couldn't care less what happens in Europe

Abdul Razak says:

Donald punk is trying to look presidential in the eyes of Democrat's.
this is another false flag to justify there reckless attack on a sovereign country

Uncle Ruckus says:

nicolas cruz used an ar15 to murder 17 students in ft lauderdale
the ar15 was made in usa
ergo trump is responsible since he is president of usa ?


Uncle Ruckus says:

i certainly hope the next time the usa attacks a church (waco texas) a country with balls steps in and bombs washington dc

mahadzir abd karim says:

after create false flag attack on syria they start killing peoples .
usanato zio the agents of Antichrist (Dajjal).

Cyrus The Great says:

And Russia didn’t do anything unlike the threats that she made to shoot down the American missiles.

Yusuf Farhan says:

Proof that Chemical weapon was used by Assad

Blood samples tested positive for chemicals in Douma – MSNBC

All your ace are belong to us says:

Lets start another Iraq war. What could possibly go wrong?

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