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American guided-missile destroyer the USS Donald Cook has recently arrived in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, joining sister destroyer, the USS Porter.

Last week, aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman also set sail from the United States towards the Mediterranean.

While the US ships carry weapons that can attack from hundreds of kilometres offshore, Russia has its own defensive capabilities in its base in Latakia, Syria.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley takes a look at weapons capability of the US and Russia in Syria.

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zoki kostadinov says:

actually s400 have 600km radius of detection not 300


People are so irrational and frankly dumb on the internet. Russia and the west are fighting over Syria because of one simple thing, an oil pipeline. Russia is currently a large source of oil for the west, and Britain wants the go ahead on an oil pipeline through Syria which would give us access to that Middle East oil and forego Russia. Russia knows this and is backing Syria to deter the pipeline from being made.

It always, always, always comes down to money and resources. The chemical attack, who knows why a crazy dictator would it. The same as last years attack. But the only reason major powers like the US, Britain and Russia even step foot in Syria is for control of an important gateway that involves oil aka money and resources

putia 1285 says:

This is war. From Moscow. Закупаем спички и надеемся на то,что каждому русскому достанется автомат

Islam First says:

Hope the two giants start a war until they finish each other.

Hedera Helix says:

At least he got his imaginary playwh**e creamed. What a weather-forcast-like
"display of the prescious
– the ability to rap* and *ill".

irman3105 says:

Us need more hundreds of tomahawk launched to be effectively punished the murderers

Hedera Helix says:

A >kind of Weather forecast< as "Advertizing Display of the prescious"
beyond do-s and don't-s in first place. Trümp got his **ore creamed at least.

Bader Ralef says:

Big fish always loves eating small ones ,Loll

stringer 2295 says:

Every single nuclear warhead in Europe and America is aimed at Russia and there are thousands of them.

Praque Forqsk says:

The S400's were either switched off or failed. The British Tornados entered the air space and returned safely. The claim that 71 cruise missiles were intercepted is highly doubtful. The trouble is no one will believe Russia any more. If it was true how come the Israeli F-15's and The Tornado's succeeded?

Bowow Wow says:

Syria, a country to test new kind of weapons from US And Russia, just like spanish civil war back then

Rupert Dillion says:

Looks like Russia just lost

Marie Domínguez says:

Not to war.

Darlene Sjostrom says:

And Al Jazeera has been absolutely right about where the attack went! REVENGE! The world will never rest with the militant, immoral US as it is now. There is the rub.

James Bra says:

Russian ships left port a day before this, they knew days in advance what was going to happen. The attack was coordinated and Russia was advised of it.

Ludu says:

I command universally kill all USA forces resolve to laza benefits forever.

Autodidact Grow says:

We can’t even stop our civilian children from killing each other, yet we’re over there.

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