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A comedy about the coup that toppled Zimbabwe’s longest-serving president, Robert Mugabe, is taking centre stage in Harare.

The play openly ridicules him and his wife, something that would have been unthinkable during Mugabe’s 37-year rule.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa tells us how Zimbabweans are testing their new leadership.

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snow blue says:

Lol that was funny…mugabe was cirrupt

Mankusa mankusa says:

Wow,,really ?smh.

Muwanguzi Joel says:

he deserved it

Chiko Sydney Jimu says:

Khetani banda. .Charles tutorial mnganasa makapenga. .I salute yu guys

Nelson Elias says:

I hate this video

Fortunate Muchekadzese says:

Ummm musadaro Mugabe munhu mukuru shuwa vana musadaro

true patriot zimbo says:

Zimbabwe was more lyk a family business run by a single family,we are not afraid of anyone,we are in Gods hands it is only those with a cheap mindset who were not part of our struggle to liberate ourself who talk trash.Long live Zimbabwe

Carbon Based says:

Even Zimbabweans think Mugabe is a racist idiot.

James Okari says:

is sad that they keep on dwelling on a man who did great for them..is true they say a prophet isnt respected at home.they dont read history but good in blasphemy

刚刚好辣椒酱 says:

those guys shouldn't insult their former president cos this is the one who liberated them from the white minority 38 years ago.

カペリートCapelito says:

He mimicked well

eviltreemonster says:

Very glad to see this.

edris mateso says:

Qatar Aljeezera nothing funny here

dimaz andhika says:

Who back up the coup are the main problem

First Last says:

Zimbabweans should be grateful of Mugabe he is a true leader, this military coup will allow foreign invaders like the U.S to take over just look what happened in Libya

Uncle Ruckus says:

good show

Oliver greene Bobo says:

They will have much more to laugh at when their nation is hijacked Toby the western international mafia. These chumps have no clue… they have melted their layer of security that was mugabe now they are like an unprotected organs ready for the taking

bradpara says:

When you destroy your country just to spite a few white people.

grace njeru says:


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