🔴WATCH LIVE: President Trump Remarks on Tax Cuts

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At 1:45 PM EST, President Trump will give remarks regarding tax cuts for American workers.

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Gayle Harrelson says:

I'm proud to say you are our president I hope you keep up the great work your doing.
drain the swamp & put Hillary & all the dems to jail Build the wall, & get illegals out of the states that's NOT LEGAL! ! !

Jsledge85 says:

Thank you President Trump, please don’t strike Syria though, it’s just not our fight.

Sora B says:

TO all the TPP issue POTUS never said he wanted to get totally out of it the current one would not help the US, he now has the team in place that could get him a deal that would put america on an even playing field, do I think its good if it benefits us to join the TPP as long as it puts america first, if POTUS can get a better deal lets see it, he did keep that promise but never said he didn't want to completely abandoned it.

Logan Walker says:

The Governor Election on November 6, 2018 will it be a Blood RED WAVE



Ruth Reul says:

God Bless President Trump

Ruth Reul says:

Trolls are commenting on this forum
So all of you are fools

Ruth Reul says:

Please stop the chemical trails
President Trump
I know your working on it

Ruth Reul says:

Thank you President Trump

Foghorn Leghorn says:

Don the Con feeding his followers another line of BS.

Bonnie Mankins says:

If we get into a war that’s not going to make America great again don’t let the war hogs pull you in we are not the police of the world we don’t belong in Syria and frankly it makes no sense for Assad to gas his people when a week before you said you wanted to bring our troops home, you’re accused of crap that you didn’t do don’t put that on someone else, I know Assad isn’t good but I also don’t think he’s Stupid either. God Bless you President Trump please pray and think hard keep your promise about no more wars

Peter Lemmon says:

4.12.2018 Thursday

King of Zion says:

Boris Johnson

Obviously, he can't backtrack on something of this magnitude.

For the way forward, Russia needs, and must, disentangle itself from Iran.

Iran is the target.

The satan and evil waiting for, and challenging Jesus Christ and Jerusalem.

Russia is now, decidedly and vocally, Christian.

Syria will need to be divided.

Russia is already in both legs, thanks to Obama.

People can ignore Assad.

Maybe, he needs to be changed.

But, we can't ignore Iran.

This is Heaven and Earth Judgement Day and Night.

The Seventh Day Seventh Millennium Abrahamic Heaven and Earth Freedom and Peace Covenant.

Russia, has touched my heart.


Jabulani Mondhlani God Lion of Judah. Jesus Christ. The Rapture.

Touchdown of Moses

Deborah B says:

Thank you, President Trump!!! We thank the LORD for our wonderful President!! Such good news!

timberLab. GodisGreat says:

Thank You ❤RSBN❤

walter A Prichard says:

neo⬤con Trump

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