6 DEADLY Reasons Trump Is Going To War In Syria

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Alex Jones breaks down a breaking article from Zero Hedge.

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Marlene Cardinahl says:

McCain is satan-ugh

Maj. Ron says:

God is coming to judge

ernest rr says:

what has syria done bad too us ?

ernest rr says:

Why cant we bomb china ???????? they harm their people no way that would happen

Nando Budd says:

but hillary wanted war what happened alex fake news much

Carolyn cook says:

No wars with Russia,Get out

alex jervis says:

Since ONLY CONGRESS can Declare WAR, Trump has committed TREASON?
Since it is an ILLEGAL ORDER, should the Military carry it out?

Trump calls ASSAD a DICTATOR!

But SYRIA, is on THE LIST! (P.N.A.C.)

First Amendment says:


ratbastard66 okie says:

only two reasons. Saudis and Israelis.

Aaron Leppones says:

Too late Alex. As you probably already know….

Lexi Arellano says:

We. Are. Dead.

Zoran Kafadar says:

God lead eny president or any country to what to do !! There is no need to discussing about WW3 !!

Zoran Kafadar says:

We want war… ,they; "USA , Russia and China" they all play same game together ! There is no different between USA Russia and China !!! Just simple people will pay price …

Joseph LeForte says:

1. israel 2. Israel 3.Israel.4. Israel 5. Israel 6. Israel

Midnight Ryder says:

The steep price to pay for being weak and NOT draining the swamp!

Anit Liz says:

THEY hope CHINA – IRAN . RUSSIA will fight against USA – EUROPE – they want ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT now … ??

David Sherbert says:

6 reasons Trump's Republican and Pelosi's Democrats are gonna be surprised when we the people vote independently in November. 1. They cannot and will not work together for the country or for the people. 2. Both parties have crooked corrupt traitorous or treasonous people in it.3. Those that ARE NOT crooked, corrupt, traitorous or treasonous in both parties ARE COMPLICIT in it because they don't report it to ethics committee or they get bought off in a backdoor deal.4. Nobody ever get charged, arrested, tried or convicted, they have "diplomatic immunity". 5. We are sick of the all talk, no action coming out of Washington regardless who is doing it. 6. WE THE PEOPLE NO LONGER TRUST OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS!!

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport says:

You're baiting everyone with video after video consisting of nothing but fearmongering. ENOUGH!!!!!

Europe isdying says:

…Moslem Brotherhood has infiltrated the Pentagon war room…..Portugal´s President ,Rebelo Sousa, says Europe´s soul is Islamic……morre Sousa ,seu filho da puta !

Mr October says:

so now alex is reduced to convincing his audience that war is necessary under Trump?
i guess if your white and wealthy you get a free pass from infowars, the new shill network

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