ABC News Calls Police on Pro-Trump Female College Student For Something So STUPID IT HURTS

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Kristinn Taylor for the Gateway Pundit reports, ABC News called Chattanooga police about a pro-Trump college woman who posted a photo of herself with a handgun.

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What Grandma Thinks about it says:

Since when did the police start working for abc ? Wondering when they are going to start working for Americans ?

Maria Aulisio says:

Spenser I am with you

Luis Martinez says:

A REAL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She's cute

Michele Patak says:

I think that was a great idea I think that's an awesome picture the background The Stance everything showing a real strong Confident Woman there

Michele Patak says:

Not to mention what is that pistol can be more than a tiny 22 that's a pretty small pistol and everybody's freaking out I mean come on

Michele Patak says:

I can't believe tjese idiots really?? Who is supposed to oversee our media hasn't gone rogue cause a few really need an audit

platinumpig says:

Liberals claim they want women to be strong and stand up for themselves. But really they want them to act like victims.

reknas78 says:

I wish more women are like that!

CS Richardson says:

I'm proud of her!!

Mr. Nick b says:


aintplaying games says:

God Almighty that women is gorgeous!

Pauline Mason says:

Good day. Whats new
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TOP DAWG says:

If it had been a Rag Head Mooolslim ,ABC would have bought Convenience Store for her..

Kathy Hill says:

Wow does that mean when we see Movies with pictures of Men and women holding guns that we should call the police on them. How do you spell STUPID?

MrToby101 says:

Carry a gun folks kill those crazy mother fuckers out there if you have to. Dont be a victim.

Toby Kaufman says:

Power to the people . Good for you who knows the laws and obey them . What part of people who are scared to own a firearm because of those useless waste of oxygen who believe in otherwise . Criticism is a way of life . Don’t be afraid to show your right to protect yourself and others . If everyone believed in that and those people that was murdered in the concert . Would have more to mourn if the passenger didn’t have a firearm on him and stopped the carnage . Gun control isn’t the way . Look at Georgia , a community there it is the law to own a firearm . One murder in three years . No robberies , no break ins , and so on . Hmmm , no gun control or problems , hmmm , no liberals either !

Kilgore Trout says:


Jeff Hise says:

TN girls do it right.

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