BREAKING: Russia HORRIFIED After What Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State Is About to Tell Senators

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Frank Miles for Fox News reports, Mike Pompeo, whom President Trump chose for his next secretary of state, is expected to tell the Senate during his confirmation hearing Thursday that years of soft policy toward Russian aggression are “now over.”

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Chris Frickie says:

It's all about getting the right people in the right positions.

MaxMauser says:

hope we nuke russia soon.. and take all putins money!!!!!

mark davison says:

Pompeo = GOOD
Russia and Putin = GOOD
USA(deepstate) = BAD
Syria's Assad = GOOD

Oregon's Lonewolf says:

Ummm. Russia never gets horrified over anything. They aren't reactive like the US. I still don't understand why Russia is such a danger to our country. Anyone care to offer ideas why he's a bad guy? It's not like we don't do what we claim he's doing. Oh yeah, that's just how Dems deflect.

Charles Rogers says:

Hi Folks – Do tell why do think Russia is an enemy.

Steven Hougland says:

President Trump is down to staffing those people who will be loyal and honest with him. President Trump is in a battle for to save this country and it's Constitution for the American people from the Deep State

Ron Gruber says:

I thought the questions crying Corey were asking him where well beyond the pale. Who gives a rat's ass what this man thinks about marriage it has zero to do with the job he is being investgated to do

war daddy says:

Trump is a sell out. No longer support this jackass

Nathan Moore says:

Hey Gary, why have you started fanning and beating this New war drum on the attack against Syria? Be honest to your subscribers. Tell the truth. Why are you doing this?

Are you one of those brain dead people who think ASSAD orchestrated this chemical attack? Have you checked the facts?????? Where's the proof?????? This is just bull crap Gary. I'm disappointed in you, so too are many of your subscribers….Grow some balls man and say the truth…I'm running out of patience, so too are many other subscribers. This is ABSURD…ABSURD INDEED

Rag Rag says:

Quick question, Gary. Are you proud of this crap? USA pathetically LOST to Russia in Syria. Trump went on playing games with ISIS while Putin actually fought it. From where I stand Putin doesn't look terrified. He is the winner of the game. Trump lost everywhere. We all know that, and you know that. You're a talented man. Stop trying to spoin-feed us LIES. It's TRUTH that we used to come here for back in 2016.

mitchil Geary says:

Do not take investment advice from Gary.

Darrell Goodman says:

If the dems and Rhinos pass him through Senate confirmation hearing without much delay then you know he is just another swamper.

Ange Pogorelec says:

your boring Garry trump two face warmonger dipstick

Ferrari 21 says:

I liked to check on your news in the pass but now, you just sound like a propagandist person, don't talk a lot for nothing but talk with knowledge. Sad

John Mulder says:

I've never cared about the Russians the reneged on both salt 1 an 2 treaties under hinney carter..

Stuart Jones says:

we're run by nazis

Celestial Shamanka says:

Trump just showed his true colors – he is nothing more than a confidence man and played the long game con with his base. We The People are between a rock and a hard place with the WH. I voted for Trump and no I see I should have withheld my vote. Neither candidate (Clinton or Trump) is worthy of the Oval Office.

Ivan. Chernobyl. says:

I've been hearing talk about Russia since the 60's. Just a different century now.. I even remember nuclear nuclear drills we had in school.

Jimmy Catalina says:

Putin takes no crap.

Tracy Whittamore says:

News first money last ty

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