BREAKING: Trump DROPS the HAMMER on Rosenstein – This Could Be THE END

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump continues to deliver punishing rounds to Rosenstein and Mueller over their corrupt and fake Russian collusion witch hunt.

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Starboard Side says:

Effen F.B.I.! How many innocent people are in prison due to the F.B.I.? Lots I bet! Nasty they are.

Anthony Sakowski says:

Rosen stein should be impeached.

K & E Fleming says:

With all the constant crap every day, just gets worse all the time, these anti- american liberals are too far gone and braindead to ever change, at least 25% of the repubs are spineless and wont retaliate back against these spoiled crooks, who get by with all their crimes,yes, even murder! GOD will have his Day with them, their money wont be worth a roll of soiled toilet paper, then will they still blame P.Trump and Russia? Russia dosent even use T.paper, and Trump cares less about Russia's hygene! There is a movement going on and has been for nearly 3 years that these nasty demo-rats are scared to death they lose all their freebies, that we tax payers have been paying their tab's. We Patriots have spoken loud and clear, Love it or leave it libbys, move to Russia or some other commie country, see what they do to your sorry asses !!!!!

Kevin PETERSON says:

Hang them in a public square with the deep state.

Blue Cobra says:

fire a fire ball up rosy posys ass and then boot him out of office. Get rid of the rat.

Carol Capella says:

Enough is enough. Either they have Russian proof or they don't. Gathering decade sex life info is ridiculous. End this witch hunt now! They spent enough tax payers money. Screw them all

mark davison says:

Gas attack was staged by the DeepState. Assad is innocent. Troops should be withdrawn from Syria.

carl seibert says:

Damn right Rosenstein is a Criminal and is Deep State thug.

Conni Lane says:

What a rogue's gallery; what an embarrassment to have these 'characters' in powerful positions.

James Smith says:

RR is in trouble , He knows Trump and NSA has the goods on him . Plus he has the Deep State ans shadow Government which he sold out to expecting him to stop Trump . Kinda between a knot and hard place . RR is in BIG TROUBLE , bet he's not sleeping well .

Kyle McGlothen says:

How has Mueller continued to be under the radar for the crap he pulled with the uranium one deal?

Donny Klaehn says:


Vallhund says:

I don't want to hurt anyone, but it's time for the President to use every tool at his disposal to stop all those who are trying to destroy him. Use the Secret Service, use the military, whatever it takes to stop the people who are trying to destroy this country. I will stand with you Mr. President. I see no ill will in what you have done, only an attempt to rescue and preserve The Constitution.

BeardedBarley1 says:

I'll believe it when I see it. Talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah. It's all just theater. And aren't we just so blessed to have front row seats? NOT! And not to worry because, should any of them actually be fired–joke beyond all jokes–their high level clearances and pensions, though maybe put off for a few years, will most likely still be intact. Yay us that we still get TO PAY up the wazoo for all of these career criminals to rule over us all with an iron totalitarian fist, slowly and secretly murdering us all, while our hard-earned tax dollars are stolen from us to pay them to do so (sardonicism)!

Bob Bad says:

the hammer would be Fed.Marshals taking him into custody.all else BS.

russmaleartist says:

I HOPE it was a VERY LARGE HAMMER with lots of crushing weight! That rat face Rosenstein needs to have his brittle rat butt kicked out of his office with steel tip shoes!

Marc Baker says:

Arrest them Gitmotribunal hang have them stuffed and get a ventriloquist to say thier lines fuggm.

Kingsway says:

O i dont think its just about stormy. They just want dirt on everybody and everything he has been involved with

Hilde Platz says:

ARREST all Fbi,cia,doj.
Luck up democrat's,rhinos,judges ,attorney's crooked once NAZIS

kamran etemad says:


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