Crystal Clear’ – Schumer’s Latest Anti-Trump Move Is A Declaration Of War

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Christian Datoc for the Daily Caller reports, Senator Chuck Schumer gave a speech Tuesday in which he called on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring legislation preventing President Trump from firing special counsel Rob Mueller to the floor for a vote.

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Maria Aulisio says:

Mr Schumer's. What a speech !!! You only forgot one thing !! if you want to obey and respect the low !! watt about watt the Democratic Party is don!!!!. Trump has dan nothing !! you the Democrat are the big bed swamp, Trump was right. Hope you all go to jail for watt you putt all of as trew. for over a year or more. God well punish all of you. .

Jeff Spicoli says:

They might be republicans cuck Schumer but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as corrupt and crooked as you buddy.

Neil Henry says:

Sorry Chuck, but the Zionists are finished and your treasonous threats to the President of the United States will be tried as such… and I would just add that every patriotic American must read the newly reissued booklet "The Protocols of the Learned  Elders of Zion" ISBN: 978-1502304889 fromAmazon.

David Sherbert says:

well, now, got a daughter working in the privacy and policy section at FACEBOOK, well that's explains how FB has been spying on citizens, collecting data, violating Federal Privacy Act and being funded and run by the CIA Deepstate… wonder you're having a complete meltdown….I'd be upset too if my daughter might go to prison over her job….

Victor Mawhinney says:

How the hell did Comey let Hillary Clinton get away with EVERYTHING .
Even though (she herself said)….( WE WILL (ALL) HANG FROM NOOSES )
Why would you (SAY) such a thing !! ……(UNLESS)….YOU HAD SOMETHING (REALLY BAD) TO HIDE….and the (ALL) appears to be (some) of those within the FBI….Comey fired ,McCabe fired..Strzok and Page soon to be fired for plotting against The President of USA.

Frances Elaine Thurston says:

Schumer this is for you: Never mind putting on your pants and be grown up enough to understand Trump won the presidency. Rather get your balls and put them on and stand up to your party and let them know the game is over.

Louis Horton says:

Chuck Schumer you are a wanna be crooked political hack who will be in Gitmo with Obama & Hillary soon.

Melody says:

Schumer is a peice off work,chucky day is coming ?

Zapper CD says:

Schumer is an anti-American NWO kabal member that should have been in prison years ago. Just like Hillary, he is only in office due to cheating at the ballot box. No patriotic American would put this nasty evil person in office, making laws for our children.

dorothyrobinson says:

A law is not a law if it has exceptions and some people are above the law. Mueller is Gestapo!

whutzat says:

EW! He's such a SLIMEBAG!

Linda Bergen says:


Kelly Martin says:

It is a witch hunt and they broke the law again doing it

NY-VIXEN says:

Time for SLIMMY Schumer to be sent to GITMO ! !

Retta Brown says:

He is an awful man

James Smith says:

He forgot to mention that these life long republican are both Rhino's who were bought off and sold out completely to the left wing socialistic Global Order and both have DEEP TIES to the CLINTON's . That Both were DEEP STATE / Shadow Governmental operatives !! Just saying while we are getting out all the so call facts , lets not leave the important parts ; Like The Truth of who they really are . Schumer is scared , his gun now only has rubber bullets , and Trump and team are wearing full body Armor , Chuckles Team is looking at 25,000 sealed indictments , bet his name is on a few !!! = Chuckles and team may = Not Be For Long as a representative of our halls of congress . Remember this NSA HAS IT ALL AND THEY KNOW IT !!!.

Ron Gruber says:

Why would Trump want to get rid of Mueller? So far Mueller has it really done anything to him a matter fact mother was so careful about the raid on Trump's attorney that he turned it over to the eastern district of New York he didn't do it. That by itself was just an attack on Trump because Devin Nunez of the house Intel committee demanded the FBI turn over documents on uranium one and they have been dragging their feet for a long time on this Nunez was done with it it's over. But check you is where he's going to get caught up in this if you look at how many liberals molar has outed none of this would be believed it was just trunk but if you have a big-time trusted liberal and all his big time trusted liberal Cardinals working with him just like the Spanish Inquisition look what you've got you prove that Obama used taxpayer money with George Soros to try to overthrow to governments you've got uranium one coming out on the clintons you've proven ties between Obama and Clinton and Russia none of this would be believe the Trump said it himself look how they laugh at him about the fraudulent votes and a university found all over 5 million of them I don't expect that just disappeared over an eight-year. Of time

Steven Hougland says:

We have known for some time now that there is only one political party in Washington and that is the "feed me party".

5starsteve1 says:

When is this ass shummer going to jail?I'm sure he will get indited…soon

Jamie Mezs says:

It's time for president trump take the Gloves off and go to war with these God dam democrats..

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