Gorka, Malkin on media reaction to FBI’s Michael Cohen raid

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Media show enthusiasm over the raids of Michael Cohen’s office, hotel room and home. Sebastian Gorka and Michelle Malkin share their thoughts on ‘Hannity.’

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Rich S says:

, it's a hot Asian chick

Dashoost says:

Michelle Malkin has the face of an ant

Mary Thompson says:

I agree with Mitchell she hits it on the head. Democrats are threatening the world is that not a Inter National Saftey crime. Trump needs to bring out the military on many levels and this abuse needs to Stop not be escalated and kept escalating. We all see how USA people are abusive aggressively attacking even there own PEOPLE. END TO THIS ABUSE OF POWER IN USA must stop now. People want Jails built for government criminals or have corrupt politicians who threaten the International Saftey factored in as everything we see is affecting our safety of Worldwide.

James Doermann says:

When I was so young man in the sixties the liberal media was always on the side of the people did not trust big government and always defended the little man. Now it is just the opposite the left has turned into corporate USA political ideology rule this country joe such an extreme level that all of our daily freedoms have been you serve by the fight police the speech police and the institutions that are supposed to protect America have been turned against anybody that has a different idea logical view or States ID openly. George Soros and medium Matters have become the most to radical branch of Public this course that does not exist because they're slowly but surely wiping out anybody that does not think speak and act the way they do which is to kill unborn children allow are borders to go on defended and done challenge so allow it legal aliens to register to vote to absolutely ignore federal immigration laws so they can maintain there power base I using your legal voters. The media has become the talking points for the DNC they get their watching orders from George Soros Hillary Clinton Obama another deep State powerful people that are so corrupt that is impossible for any citizens to imagine the power of these people.. We need another special prosecutor to investigate the deep deep crimes of the FBI the CIA in the NSA under the Obama administration because laws were violated to such an extent that are national security has been so compromised we are absolutely sold out to the Chinese the Russians and anybody that gave it donation to the Clintons are Obama's.

Norman Braslow says:

Actually, CPT Queeg was looking for a non existent key for the locker the berries were stored in. Otherwise, point well taken

Smiles says:

what the actual fuck is going on on this planet

bisbeekid says:

Well, it now seems that Mueller has evidence that Michael Cohen was in Prague, dare I say colluding with the Russians?  This is huge and confirms a significant aspect of the Steele Dossier.  Trump's goose will surely be cooked by Thanksgiving Day, if not earlier…

new2 says:

The Deep State is Trump…..Rich and no empathy….. The swamp has grown by 572% under Trump….

new2 says:

Trump and Cohen….is the biggest rats in the sewer swamp….. Drain them…

thanh nguyen says:

Hannity, why you lie so much? Money? Hannity, what Americans have done wrong to you? So that you work so hard to misguide them. Hannity, you should start to read the Holly Bible, so you can save your sick soul.

thanh nguyen says:

Malkin and Gorka are born liars; these are traitor enablers. They should move to Russia and stay there. These people have no shame, no face, no manner, no class. As soon as they open their mouths, they lie, lie, and lie…unbelievable!

Johnny Davisson says:

Reality is, you three nitwits have to spend too much energy sounding so fake, that you will be dumbfounded from the real truth when it makes its way to your channel and in to those peewee brains of yours and you finally realize you are all traitors and should go out with a bang.

l3ew1s says:

What an Idıot Gorka ıs

The Light Bringer says:

3 morons giving their support for another moron.

Ted Roedel says:

"refusal to accept reality" – LOL

John Thompson says:


Anita Foster says:

Waa waa waa

Yvan D.M says:

I have a Q for the doctor…: Why is it whenever i see your face, i feel something cumming up my bumb..growing…and growing…and then when you open your mouth, to show us how dumb you really are : it explodes….i have to fart, burrrb, vomit, and shit at the same time. It happens every time…the symtoms go away when i turn tv off…simple way to cure could be : you moving to the jungle where you belong with the other alpha maillls…and stay the fuck away from society..cause man , you really are a sick person…ps : we all know you are a doctor like my granny is an astronaut…come on man…a doctor …really??? You go play doctor in the jungle…you fake idiot bastard

Exitcoldwar says:

Does the panel have any idea about the number of refugees we have from countries that are under threats of the USA and Russia? Do they know the Bolkestein Directive, the 10/2010 EU law, the EU of protection of personal information? Law enforcement does only work in countries, where the law is in the hands of separate powers. The huge challenge we face all people of the world is that we are being governed by hackers, and hackers are outlaws! You can not applaud Wikileaks, as a presidential candidate, because it shows a complete lack of information about the danger of cyber criminals. In the case of Donald Trump it is clear he fully depends on his advisors, and that seems dangerous to me. But I am only learning from all this!

corryjookit says:

gorka is wanted in another eastern european country on criminal charges

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