Hannity: Comey is ready to cash in on his hatred for Trump

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With a weeks’ long book tour likely to consume the fake news media, prepare to see James Comey everywhere, except answering questions under oath in front of Congress.

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jmack619 says:

Fiction section.

motherlove says:

Comey is a SELL out and a disgrace to the FBI….. If he actually believed he "did the right" thing, he would've never written a book. He's still trying to convince us he's a good guy…. NOT !

Edgar says:

Hannity should know cashing in as he's been cashing in on the anti-mueller and pro-trump gravy train for a long time now.

Will Wigginton says:

Hannity get your news from fakebook.They aren't bias.

Don Scherenberg says:

Comey is one of the MOST CORRUPT people in government ….I use to look up to the FBI ….not anymore. It's a very corrupt system as it was PROVEN

alabasterbox says:

If you give a person a long rope and sit back in quiet and wait………they will tell you everything they are doing. Comeys accusations are about himself, now he will hang himself.

Marcus says:

Hannity cashing in on Trump gets 29 million a year has a private jet and a chauffeur driven Limousine..hypocrite

Josef Brunner says:

Stay cool Trumptards! Trump will strike back hard with his own book! It will be the most powerful painting book ever…Get your colored pencils! MAGA!

Myrna De Perio LaFauci says:

Comey talks in whispers! not a good sign,,because he does not want to be heard, because he is talking lies! YOu talk like a disgruntled employee!What about prosecuting the guilty parties when you had the power?We the people know that you did not do a good job as PRes. TRump said!

Janine Russo says:

Comey is a jerk ! His book is an another lie !

Luujalanee Kimathi says:

Hannity. Can you and the fox nrws and the cnn do people like a favour? Please stop reporting that gabbage about comey or stormy whoever she is. Report that the president of the free world became a true leader. He went to syria and showed he cares as a leader and protected the same children people accussing him of not caring for. What he does or done with women before he was our leader dont matter to me; that between him and his wife. Today he has proved to be a leader. Give him some props and stop talking about comey or stormy. They are not worthy the air time. Talk about the bravery and streveng of our President. I will tell cnn the same.

Teabag U2 says:

Shouldn't he be in jail ?

the truth says:

Oh yeah Hannity where's your evidence oh that's right you ain't got none you're just in commentator you're just entertainment you're just a talk show that's what fake news is you're not even fake news you're just entertainment

the truth says:

That is absolutely hilarious you're putting all your eggs in one basket you are doing a disservice to your viewers and a disservice to America I am a Republican and we are in charge of everything but yet for some reason you think we still need a boogie man that is what's wrong with my Republican party and conservatives in the Republican Party they always need a boogie man they always need an enemy because I'm afraid we cannot govern we sold our souls to a reality star now we're wondering why all this is happening Hannity I know you want to be famous but please put America First every now and then at least just tell the truth

richard johnson says:

I think any NEWS outlet that knowing deceives the public should be be held accountable even if it is an opinion show.

Mj F says:

The Steele Dossier is true.

Mj F says:

Comey is holding receipts while you're quibbling.

LOVE Peace and support Donald J Trump !! Peace says:

Comey is peace of shit and should be jail

Mj F says:

Sean Hannity wants the Russian Mob to take over the US.

Mj F says:

Trump will be found guilty of human trafficking, RICO, Conspiracy Against the United States, Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice, Defrauding the American People.
He's actually worse than all of those mob bosses.
Thanks for the comparison, Sean!

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