In new book, former FBI director likens President Donald Trump to a mafia boss

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James Comey also claims in his book that John Kelly wanted to quit after his firing.


Blade BlazerLazer says:


jw2399 C says:

poor excuse for a law official, sounds more like a disgruntled former employee, who's cashing in.

hillock10 says:

Let's talk facts: Who are the people who took a legitimate investigation about Russia and used it as a cover to impeach Trump by investigating nonRussia issues going back 12 years? Who presented a political unverified document to a FISA court to get a decision to spy on people? Who is currently stiffing Congress for over a year for subpoenaed documents? Who raided a personal lawyer of Trump to get info on a porn star? Who violated their security clearances by leaking info to the press? Who totally ignored Clinton's destruction of 30,000 emails, and the 145 million she collected from her Russia associates for the Uranium One deal? ANSWER: THE DOJ/FBI. Are they the real mob? Are they?


Comey shouldn't have compared Trump to a "mafia boss", he'll take it as a "compliment". Spoiled, rich, fake tough-guy Trump's never been in a "real fight", he uses "money & lawyers" to bully people. Most "mob bosses" start out as "street-fighters"

Lori Ann Cunliffe says:

Coney liked Obama…the black Chicago THUG that was fucking up our lives and the country. Wow what a man that Comey isn't! GITMO GITMO

Young Hannibal says:

I need loyalty i expect loyalty. What up gangsta

Bucky Brown says:

Yes, he's the GODFATHER. Kiss his ring and, if requested, his ass!

Ethan Hill says:


F A says:

Comey seemed like such an upright and by the book man. What a shame his career was ruined by fat man trump! smh

cat lover says:

Comey is just trying to get even with Trump for firing him! What a dirty and sneaky swamp creature!

Trading Wizard says:

Comey suck it.

ZadZadrack says:

I always thought of Trump as a MAFIOSO, and not a Boss, because a Mafia Boss does not use Twitter. Hahahahahahaha.

Dee Pattison says:

Well, Trump, Comey just returned your serve. How do you like it?

TradeBasedOnNaturalResourcesAndClimateNotSlaveLabor says:

Congress should demand all of James Comey's notes and all of his communications.


me ken says:

buy my book I take food stamps I love Hillary quote lying comeey


Comey+Clinton=Boy whore..666

GBOY69GAY says:

Every time when I have seen news about James Comey I have though that he himself looks like a mafia boss and a Cosa Nostra man, an US deep state version. James Comey is a narcisstic publicity hungry traitor and a leaker with his own political ambitions and own political agenda, and now he wants to make money selling his bitter book targeted against the legally elected President of the USA who fired him because he was a snake. James Comey was like the ancient Greek mythology Icarus who made wax wings to himself and flied too close the sun (Donald Trump), his wings melted because heat and he fell down from the top of the US deep state system. Now he is only one of those many people who have underestimated Donald Trump during his legendary life and lost the game. Just the rotten power hungry deep state people with their own political ambitions and own political agendas, like James Comey was, without democratic mandate, before President Trump fired him, are a real threat for the US democracy and freedom. Now that scum James Comey then is publicly attacking against his former boss, the President of the USA, only because he fired him 100% legally using his legal power as the US President. James Comey was once President Barack Obama´s choice as the FBI Director, a very bad choice, like so many of the President Barack Obama´s choices were. Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland! 🙂

Jean Jones says:

Is James Comey corrupt?" – Does a bear shit in the woods? His colors have been exposed,
Just another lying corrupt POS cop I'm surprised idiots would buy his book full of lies

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