Laura Ingraham: What Paul Ryan’s departure means

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Speaker Paul Ryan’s departure is, in a way, oddly fitting.

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SupercoolAxZ 123 says:

Thanks You for really telling us why your leaving.

Zavi Zavi says:

They are all crooks! They get elected pass law in favor of interest groups which hurt regular ppl because they skew capitalism in favor of the haves, they beat their chest when capitalism is in crisis and say that the invisible hand works (yes for the ppl with money). Once they leave office they get jobs foe life in companies they helped.

moochy the cat says:

Laura Ingraham = Rotten smelling hag

James Dunlop says:

Stand up guy to whom?

S Keller says:

Paul Ryan's kids will know him as a thieving, lying, jackass, like most of America does. And maybe ingraham can get a new sponser, Trump Money Laundry, the finest in Russian oligarch real estate. She's trying so awfully hard to suck him off…

Richard Thomas says:

I wonder if T Rump has grabbed Laura by the Pussy ?

love bacon burgers says:

What was this chicks name before she had the surgery

tigeroll says:

Paul Ryan was an Obama "yes" man. One of the WORST speakers ever!!! He helped push through OBAMACARE. Good riddance.

Asar Heru says:

Larry Ingraham has 2% femininity….someone please help this tranny

winesap2 says:

Republicans can't get anything done because despite the corporate lobbying and corporate contributions, their policies are really unpopular. They are not entitlements, they are money everyone already paid into the system. It's not a government handout, it's getting back money you invested in the country, you whiney snowflakes.

Magno Sullano says:

This woman makes me laugh. Hope you follow Ryan 's exit.

coin420 says:

Just like paul ryan … youre sponsors arent coming back

John muñoz says:

I just came here to see what she sounded like because I wanted to see if she sounded like the sketch on snl. But I found that everybody here sounds super angry all the time

Jeff Walker says:

Paul Ryan doesn't want to be remembered as the Speaker that handed over the House gavel.
The Conservative Game plan is to hold on to Senate, & hopefully the BS blows over the Whitehouse long enough to show progress in 2020, more then what the base excepts!

Jesse Cole says:

Title should be: "What all my sponsors' departure means"

Bruce Gately says:

I hope Trump's vision is the future of the Republican Party! It will definitely be the end of this disease….Ryan is just trying to cover his ass, so it is still be pristine for the Koch Brothers.

b017ni3 says:

yeah, but he fell in line…just like a little bitch

Durwood Ducote says:



or a stalker slitting her throat after raping her with a broom handle….. DOUBLE BONUS!!!!

i masturbate to her death. i really do. 🙂

geishasecrets says:

This trump whore is still working? I thought a kid beat her out of her commercial sponsors. What a republicunt.

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