Media accuses Tucker of pushing ‘Russian propaganda’

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‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ has dared to ask basic questions and challenge the notion of U.S. involvement in a war in Syria. Tucker takes on Commentary magazine associate editor Noah Rothman, who has accused him out spouting Russian propaganda on the alleged chemical attack in Syria. #Tucker

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NeilyD11 says:

What a wanker on the right – what a wanker on the right!

NeilyD11 says:

Tucker is the only dude to listen to on American Mainstream media. At least he asks the common sense questions

MR K says:

Is POTUS under duress, being blackmailed or family threatened?

MR K says:

Thanks Tucker! God bless you.

MR K says:

The first guy was dillusional like Hillary Clinton!

cuneeda Anthony says:

Notice, Carlson isn't reading a teleprompter, but Rothmam is definitely reading the script fed to him……….

TimeforaChange InGovernment says:

It has NOTHING to do w/chemical warfare. It's to PROTECT the PETRO!
Quickest way for the VERY RICH to become even richer, W A R !

Battlenude says:

The only bleeding reason why Mr Tucker here has not been evicted out of Fox(yet) is due to the Fact that the week after he was to be fired from Fox, he would appear with his own primetime program on.. Fucking RT!!! Just like many many other before him. You'll know the names. And as CNN and MSNBC had a meltdown from Larryking, or Ed schults, Fox would too. It would just be too much for them.

Sumora says:

Tucker wins this one by far

MsWhoEverWhatEver says:

Tucker stick to your guns! My respect for you grows by leaps and bounds!

Sumora says:

I watched the UN session yesterday and everybody agree their was no evidence because Russia veto the request for an investigation.

No evidence!!!!

And honestly, by far, the Syrian government and Syrian civilians version of what's going on sounds more plausible than what the Western nations are saying

LearnMore says:

Either Israel or the the Saudi government is behind this attack….either way the USA loses…Tucker is right

James Anagnos says:

You putin pusher Tucker hahahaha

Philsgoodnow says:

These weapons are no danger at all. To treat victims, you don't need a mask, gloves, goggles, or to employ a nerve agent protocol. Just wave the American flag and poof no more nerve agent dangers. Touch victims all you want or need, walk right through the targeted area even though the vapors of deadly nerve agents are as dense as San Francisco, shut down the Golden Gate Fog. Don't bother with your mask…someone waved b the stars and stripes and the Sarin is harmless.

pappy hayes says:

Wow where does Tucker pull these idiots from , each day they get stupider than the last idiot .Tucker once again beats down another soyboy.

billy bob says:

Let's not ask any questions about foreign policy (un-American), believe everything our government tells us (un-American) and convict somebody without any evidence, do I have to say it? I guess Noah thinks that all wars should be fought by the good ole USA's rules. The civilized way of war where a bomb comes out of nowhere and hit's your village and kills half of the people in it. These huge issues that aren't backed up by a shred of evidence are getting more and more commonplace and I for one think we need to put an end to it. I think Noah  talks big but when the missiles start flying he's going to be hiding under his desk for as long as he can stand the poop smell.

a a says:

You have to love Tucker: the only voice of reason in the legacy mass media, in a variety of topics. This topic might prove too risky for him because republicans and democrats and those who control both, all want to continue to use the USA military for their goals. Goals that have nothing to do with America 1st.

John Donne says:

Tucker is what real Journalism due tells the ugly truth.

Sumukh Hegde says:

What a propaganda! Oil and Gas are the unmaking of the American story in the long term. Sad man.

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