Piers Morgan: Mueller’s team is ‘panicking,’ ‘fishing’

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Editor-at-large of DailyMail.com sounds off on the FBI’s raid on Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, based on Stormy Daniels payments, and the apparent shift in the Mueller probe to the president’s sex life. #Tucker

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tomite2001 says:

Piers Morgan has become "voice for wisdom" for FOX news

L Tonjohn says:

This isn't about Trump's sex life – it's about the illegal cover-up 11 days before the election, where and how Cohen got the money to pay off Daniels, and whether Trump knew about it…..and anyone with any brain cells KNOWS that. And Piers Morgan??!! REALLY??!! He and the Daily Mail are right wing jokes here in the UK, because they are so incredibly right wing biased propaganda……..

Art Nunymiss says:

OMG thanks for the great laugh! Mueller is panicking? That's a whole new kind of whistling past the graveyard. LOFLMAO

Lisa T says:

I want to know how Mueller and Rosenstein are even legally able to have anything to do with anything since they BOTH signed off on the Uranium One scam where Hitlary, as SofS, sold 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia for $143,000,000? Guess who the Russians paid the money to? That's right, Hitlary's so-called Global Initiative aka "slush" fund. She should be in PRISON awaiting execution for treason and so should the rest of them that signed off on that deal.

Dubjax 24 says:

Cohen's secret visit to Prague is very worrying. He's dishonest.

Poi Ui says:

Faux news is panicking. The world will see what kind of traitors work there.

Zyklon B says:

I want to know muellers role in selling uranium to the russians! The best dfense is a good offense



Sam Carter says:

Piers is trying to get back to the states. Lol poor bastard

Asd Kjh says:

Morgan – is were an will be only BBC leftist whore. FOX inviting one of britsie tampons

RichardR1950 says:

Piers Morgan has no interest in hearing about Donald Trump's sex life. . or Stormy Daniels. . And that's because he knows that the professional cocksucker, Daniels – will be the end of this amateur cocksucker, Trump.

Mountain Dew says:

suck up piers morgan, it does matter trumps team sent a thug to threaten stormy daniels and child at a parking lot, he should know better as a father

Keith Purdue says:

Morgan finally redeemed himself, with this interview.

niffenator says:

No, Piers. No they are not. Mueller's team hold all the cards. I can guarantee that after Donald Trump and everyone around him is publicly humiliated by the rule of law, Piers Morgan will pretend that he supported the Mueller investigation all along.

abc def says:

look at this history.
Rep. Louie Gohmert: Dictates Robert Mueller's Long History of Corruption on House floor

Jeff Karas says:

Humans are so damn tribal. If Trump wasn't Piers Morgan's friend, the jackass would be a never Trumpist. Ditto Geraldo.

votes- have consequences says:

Who the hell are you Piers? What a total MORON…. FAKE NEWS!

Southeast Asia says:

Morgan is one of the few big government liberals (like Dershowitz) who realize that going along with the main stream media is death to your credibility and career. It’s astounding to see this type of interview where a died-in-the-wool liberal sides with Trump.

Osmon Frances says:


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