Red Alert! The Deep State Wants World War But Will Settle For Proxy Wars

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The deep state thrives on war, and will foster conflict at all costs.

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itsthe11 says:

U.S will get out. It's been prophesied. Israel wont always be backed by the U.S. It's not a matter of if, it's when.

Allen Lichner says:

The American people are so sick of fighting other peoples war. We voted for Trump because he promised to take care of the Homeland. Economy and infrastructure

Harry Walker says:

Britain going to win duh we won world war one obvious.

Harry Walker says:

So Russia vs UK and Britain .

Cheech Wizard says:

This video keeps muting for me at random moments… And when I scroll back to them I can hear the audio again… Super fishy glitch, never had this with any other video ever…

zoliezee says:

All this war talk and the one thing that I've always said 'war makes bankers and arms dealers rich while the people suffer' yup we will starve, homes will be blown up, children's body parts everywhere…….

Annunaki Boy from Nibiru says:

What gonna happen when the Dooming Day Machine going off wondering me ?

Damien Herd says:

Your so stupid

Darwish Salam says:

I dont know who this guy is on infowars but he is just awful… get to the point … stop talking just to hear yourself talk… nothing good will come from him he must go.

Tayfun Cavus says:

TRUMP is the Commander in Chief !!!!
Not the Deep State !!!!!!

Man on the street says:

The Jews hate Christianity. They have corrupted Christianity in the West, and now they are trying to fight Christianity in the east (Russia & ME). The Jews found another group who also hate Christianity, that is the Arab Muslims. Voila, the big money of the Arabs and the Jews who own all our politicians order war on Christianity. Our population are mostly Christian by name only in a tribal group think type.

kent rich says:

Red Alert? This video title screams Red Alert but there's nothing there that Jake talks about. Epic scare mongering title! Again!
C'mon Alex and company…the over use of the words Red Alert are like the boy crying wolf!

coltsrule5150 says:

Donald Trump is willing to watch the world burn, as long as he gets to be king of the ashes.

ftra1987 says:

Ok if was chemical attack why the people in the area are not wearing gas masks and mopp suits. Fake attack

Antonio Aviles says:

Who's in negotiation with the Deep state?

Christian Kerr says:

Something to happen on April 18th that no one is talking about? Stephen Hawking talked about it before he died

Jason Michael says:

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Janne Rahkamaa says:

Pussys, i want a ww3! Please!

Deseret Nation says:

Why is America involved in the Middle East? Because America is the 4th beast of Daniel's vision. It HAS to invade and terrorize the nations. When the 4th beast finally wakes up it will smash the nations and bring horror to the world for 3.5 years, then the Lord will smash the 4th beast and burn it with fire.

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