Sean Hannity FOX News 4/13/18 ★ Breaking Fox News 2018

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rant404 says:

Orange Shithead's personal bag man Michael Cohen feeling federal heat!?!
"Lock him up! Lock him up!"

lostro one says:


Sean Carroll says:

You don't need a book to discredit Trump. All you have to do is log onto the Divider in Chief's Twttier page

rant404 says:

Shithead Sean is Putin's useful idiot. Putin pimped for Orange Asshole in 2016 and Shithead Sean continues Putin's pro-Trumpinoff propaganda.

Angela Breland says:

He's right yea he's storied yea. His story is being a biased idiot. Whitey Bulger.

CC Mill says:

fake news CNN shithole is at it
these bitches need to be shut down, they're not reporting news, they are involved in misinforming, disinforming, socialist propaganda, brainwashing their audience, spreading nothing but lies and hate….
Freedom of the Press is not to be confused with Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech is your right to speak freely at the risk of offending someone,
Freedom of the Press is not the "news" reporters' right to lie, it's about THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.
These so called CNN reporters are just a bunch of brainwashed parasites using their hate propaganda to brainwash their audience like Hitler's Ghestapo did. Brainwashing the masses is a social injustice and crime against bumanity. When will the FCC step up and shut these maggots down? hold them accountable?

Frank Graham says:

Journalism in this country is controlled by the CIA. Like Gobeles they believe if they can control the media they can turn the people into a herd of pigs.

justtim brewski says:

Mitchell….YUM Go Hanity!

Gean Jones says:

Thank you Hannity.You are the only reason I keep my Fox app.If not for Hannity I'd be 100% off tv

fking deplorable says:

Says Brezinski the NWO Globalist…..

Diana Gerard says:

All their crap just belittles the democrats.

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