The Five 4/11/18 | The Five Fox News Today April 11,2018

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The Five 4/11/18 | The Five Fox News Today April 11,2018


Debbie Benefield says:

Not politically a good idea to fire Muller… when the left is doing everything in their power to find some dirt on Trump to unseat him. Check out past impeachments both successful and unsuccessful. What were the circumstances. Check Luke 11:53-54 KJV.

GreenOwl says:

When is Rosenstein going to be fired.

John Lee says:


original Bantu says:

4 idiots and Juan!

original Bantu says:

No one thinks Alan D is right on most this stuff! Except when he's on Fox! !!!Hahahaha

original Bantu says:

Lies lies spin spin….another hot and curly one from Fox news!

Steven Watson says:

I'd fire Mueller in a New York minute if I was president.

Brian G says:

Juan Williams is either lying or he's stupid. The president saying he knew nothing about the payment does not waive attorney client privilege. It only waives privilege if he said that under oath.

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