This is Ridiculous

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di2ish says:

It just keeps getting more ridiculous with the leftist agenda, when will it ever end!

di2ish says:

Turmoil? Excuse me! Who is causing the turmoil? Stupid tax on that statement, it's the Dems who are causing all the turmoil, their lying, fake news, going along with elitist tyrants who want to destroy our country! And what about all the evil mass shootings perpetrated by leftist crazies?

Yo Mama says:

Maybe April Ryan would be better off doing stand up comedy!

bill johnston says:

Being one of those 'scumbags on an entitlement program that I contributed to for 45 years! LOL! Social Security! I vote Republican because I don't need more Democrat theft of my rights to support Non-citizens! Just Saying!

bill johnston says:

At what point do we tell the leftists, how the 'Cow ate the Cabbage" ?

Circuit7Active says:

Maybe Trump does not want to surround himself with worthless scumbag IDIOTS!!!!

Circuit7Active says:

April "Pile of Shit" Ryan must have an IQ below 40.

john conner says:

Are you suffering from Parkinsons?
I notice you exhibiting a lot of head shaking and facial twitching in all your vids

clare Davies says:

Awesome as usual Mark!…


LMAOROFL!!! Good job Mark!

Stella 8 says:

Congratulations, Mark. I'm working on reading your new book. Thanks for all your hard work!

The Truth Hurts says:

That was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

Bora Gamerz says:

Mark dice a Russian agent!!!


Michael Randolf says:

OMFG! CNN interviewed her? That is the icing on the cake for CNN. April Ryans question was opinionated * . CNN is *opinionated . The mainstream media is opinionated !

GRB201110119 says:

Bet she'd never have asked hussein that question.

Billy Santos says:

Mark Dice the Kitchen Man wins again 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ursus Americanus says:

The only long-term sustainable solution for collective animosity such as this is separation. The whole idea of an independent country is one ethnic group with one common heritage and one common destiny establishing their own territory for themselves someplace and enforcing a border to keep other peoples out. You cannot have a coherent nation-state made up of all types of Europeans, all types of Africans, all types of Asians, Christians, muslims, buddhists, jews, atheists, etc, etc. Politics are informed by culture, and all these different demographic groups have vastly different cultures with mutually exclusive and irreconcilable goals. One single government cannot possibly satisfy all of the different ethnic groups in America.

Raphael Quaglio says:

You never mention conspiracies, skull and bones or Satanism in Hollywood anymore? Same with Alex Jones. Christianity has disappeared in the last decade. So you switched to mainstream politics and SJW bashing. The bible belt has been wiped out in the last few years. Nobody cares about Satan or God in 2018. And people can feel it.

freebirth2005 says:

cnn pure anti Trump hate all the time every day.

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