Trump Just Hired HUGE Controversial Fox News Host For Special Job

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Kat Stevens for the Daily Vine reports, The media today seems more concerned about the staff in the White House than with any President in history.

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ray Sabastian says:

why is there a problem making comments

ray Sabastian says:

why is there a problem making comments

ray Sabastian says:

why is there a problem making comments

ray Sabastian says:

why is there a problem making comments

billy smith says:

Waters is great. But what about Diamond and Silk?

K & E Fleming says:

The libbys are scared to death, about to run out of their lie pills, for thats all they know, the Patriots will keep coming forward with new and fresh people like Waters, and many more to come, never under estimate a genious like Trump, and they did, they lose!!!!

wayne mcclory says:

President Lincoln replaced 70% of the politicians in Washington and that’s what President Trump needs to do

Eva Elias says:

Yes, Jesse woukd do a great job

Deborah Carrington says:

If Waters becomes an advisor, maybe the young will learn about United States history again.

Anita Garriott says:

Why the "Bait"??? He was not "HIRED" !!!!!


Loved Watter’s World in No Spin Zone! For his young age, he is a no nonsense but funny guy. Moving on, after No Spin Zone, He articulates his points very well & like our president, I’m impressed by his delivery. He spoke what I am thinking with clarity. If he continues in that vein, he will travel far in FNC & more.

As long as he stays out of trouble by avoiding sexual harassment baits out there, we will see more of him in the future. Vice President Mike Pence would be a good example for these brilliant men.

ShortbusMooner says:

You posted this yesterday, but it just showed up in my notifications now.. Seriously, YuckTube?!?

Tazz Cortes says:

I think Waters needs to stay out where he is because we need everyone we have helping to get the right information about President Trump out, plus I love when he hits the streets asking people questions! Not sure what advice he could give to someone like President Trump that would be more helpful than what he's already do by being on FOX NEWS! Just saying…

Baird Carver says:

Watters is pretty sharp

PePe Pinochët says:

Jesse is great

Julio Carrasco says:

President Trump the best POTUS ever. His Administration is working efficiently with half the staff the crap obama work with.
TRUMP 2020.
He should keep getting rid of all those crap staff obama leave to take our presidents down

PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte says:

WE (my family & I) love Gary Franchi and his multiple channels! GOD bless you brother! Pray for Captain Dan & Jo, please. in His love

Ava Santa says:

Gary, What's Bill Clinton been doing? Where is he? I heard he is sick, possibly dying? Let us know

SubjectStigma24 says:

If I were one of Trump's advisers, I'd do everything in my power to prevent him from falling for the Syrian False Flag Trap, and encourage him to do everything in his power to prevent a war with Russia from happening Muller and MSM accusations of collusion be damned.

dad mom says:

Yea i think the President should be watching The Next News Network on the weekend. …. sacasm btw

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