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Dorothy Mead says:

What are you talking about. You are full of it… you are not better than Trump, he did not do anything… He had info dumm

Irish Guy says:

I was watching this, then i looked up the address trump made on the 13 of april. Your caller zach was right, its even more messed up, because on cnn the news running at the bottom of the screen is describing the case against cohen i believe. They have trump by his pride, perhaps more and unfortunately he cant be strong enough to look past it to what is the right thing to do, he looks resigned to what has become. Its all a huge disgrace, this is not america, this is the beast, and if you want to wake up everyone, look to the bible, look to history in general. Everything we have been taught to avoid is happening. Now is the time to step up as citizens, of america, and the world, as people who know whats right. Why should we be lied to any longer, while our control, our freedom is stripped more and more from us each day? If we dont decide what will happen to ourselves, our neighbors, our country, to all of us, then the choice will be made for us. Perhaps this is the end, but the end is always a begining for something greater.

Bruce says:

Berhard was number 2 in the Dutch royal family. Not the British.

Scotty Bampot says:

Alex….for fix sake man!!! I love you man..but….you GOT TO let people finish what they saying!!!! You don't let ANYBODY finish!!!!!!!! Pppppppppfffffffff

Bella B says:

Trump's problem is he doesn't have much knowledge about what is going on anywhere. He's "adviser's" play with him so easy…

Timski says:

Nut bar alert !

Jerry Lewis says:

USS Donald Cook Destroyer (DDG-75) , Motto "Faith without Fear".
From a US Navy veteran; Sailors, job well done.
Call me a crazy pro American, but I am glad the US Military & its military hardware were successful against the advanced Russian military defenses. Dont worry Alex, Russian/ Assad are still fully in control there….ufff what a drama queen.

Juana Manjua says:

please Alex as you did not know Trump was and is another zionist puppet!

Auctoritas says:

What's being in bed with 300 women got to do with anything Alex you complete head the ball.

Christian Wil says:

lol trump the d o double g he was always a sell out as if u couldnt tell all puppets for isreal

Viktor Martinez says:

..he probably just ate a big bowl of chilli

Lazarus Seven says:

stop the theatrics on WW III, and get rid of Zach the hack ! guy is a fraud he did not know the plan, phony 2 bit shit Zach and this chat is a cluster f—k.

Scary Eyeball says:

McMaster controls Kushner, and Kushner is a weak punk.

John Knowles says:

You're the liar. He didn't say Russia bombed the Sirian people. The guy sitting to your right said it's all biblical. Another pseudo Christian statement.

Lost Forever says:

Trump is tramp of worst kind, so is Theresa and that French Ashole.
Thank you Russia, thank you Putin for being rational and for being of the highest human kind!
Long live Assad's Syria long live Putin's Russia

John Knowles says:

Alex I've always been sort of a casual supporter of your show until I heard the bilge coming out of your face today. You half way claim to be a Christian. Basic biblical theology teaches God has predestined whatsoever comes to pass. You don't know God sir! James wrote, you believe there's one God, you do well. The demons also believe and tremble in terror. As a socially positive contributor you've totally failed and that miserably. You've been reduced to a tin foil hat conspiracy monger. Prove President Trump the British and the French didn't target exclusively Sirian chemical weapons facilities or shut your piehole!

The Scrutinizer says:

As a Brit I'm ashamed too,  It is a long time since we could view our countries as a force for good in the world.   I hope that decent people will show themselves and the rotten apples can be removed but it seems the whole system has gone rotten.

gail desrosiers says:

Alex…this is part of the plan…relax a little…you are going to make yourself sick.
'Iran next
Trust the plan!

Q Anon said right at the beginning of their communications (October 2017) that the progression would go like this: Saudi Arabia…North Korea…USA…Syria…Iran. Q Anon states in post number 1146 that Iran is next. That's how close we are to the end of this game. Enjoy! He is after the Cabal.

This will work out for the good!
No more drama!

Catherine Zeidler says:

Alex, relentless interruptions are crazy making!

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