Trump-Loving Pastor Just Issued Urgent Order To EVERY American Adult – ‘The Time Is NOW!’

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The Daily Vine reports, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who hosts the radio show “Chuck Baldwin Live” and writes a syndicated column, appeared on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast to discuss guns.

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Derek a man, with the given name Johannessen says:

come on Gary, most are woke to the b.s. of Germany and the holocaust. You a zionist kek boy?

Dr Max Wellspring says:

It can not be overstated

Ron Mcwhirter says:

I feel sorry for the younger folks . They may very well be killing themselves with this stupidity. History repeats its self. Russia , Germany. China , think!

Bobzter says:

So many weird things. Why Pelosi is part of the piece? There is zero reference in that biblical text that 'provide' means a sword or AR-15 – you just conflated, the motte-and-bailey fallacy. The intruder will always have the upper-hand of surprise, when neither has guns survival explodes as seem in every sane country. And so on…

denise mcc says:

Pelosi always looks drugged!! Shes the dumbest!

Zapper CD says:

I have read the original documents from the founding fathers. The 2nd Amendment provision was placed in the US Constitution – NOT for hunting, NOT for personal protections – in those days EVERYONE HAD A GUN for those purposes and that was taken for granted. The 2nd Amendment was given TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM TYRANNY IN GOVERNMENT. What that means is if government kicks in your doors like the British did to the colonies, in violation of law, THE CITIZENS WERE ARMED AND COULD STOP THE GOVERNMENT. That is what the tyrants in the NWO and democratic party know, that is why they want to take the guns from the people. They just hope the people don't catch on until they have had a chance to take them. The FBI and CIA are CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS. We now have documented proof, thanks to brave leakers.

Jj Johnson says:

He spoke truth!!!

Ron Gruber says:

The other thing Hitler offered was free healthcare. Any of this sounding familiar yet

Gary Todd says:

Isn't this the same politician that was demanding "Gun Control" a month ago. We have no privacy now.

Brucev7 says:

God Bless Pastor Baldwin

Misha-el Ministries says:

If you live by the sword or gun you will die by the sword or gun. If someone slaps you on the cheek turn to him the other. You cannot bare your cross if you live by the sword. Did Jesus fight for his life when they arrested him and lead him to the cross. The Pastor that was speaking is false. For a disciple of Christ should be preaching the Cross. His teachings are false. Anyone that does not give up all that he has cannot be Jesus Christ Disciple. So sell what you have and give it to the poor and buy yourselves a Cross. Amen.

Felix Rivero says:


Phillip Crain says:

Gary I love your news but do you have to show pelosi's ugly stupid face ? Her face makes me puke

deslocc124 says:

Good info, and I would like to prepare, only I live paycheck to paycheck with barely any left at the end of the month for anything else but more bills.. I always pray for peace.

The,Awakened Christian says:

neocons who are British Europeans a as Jewish and Jesuits with big money seen time and time again going against white and black Christians, how controlling U.S. government with Jewish big banks thier money influence … called the private federal reserve and IRS Rothschilds owned, AKA as Clowns on a coupe mission..

YAHSCHILD 777 says:

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

The Irritated American says:

This is so true

Toby & Jenny says:

Yes but you must practice with your guns hunting is the best way to get that done with our wasting time and money.

Robert Parker says:

Hallelujah Thank God Amen

Marilyn Watene says:

Hey…that guy actually UNDERSTANDS. Bravo.

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