US military awaits Trump’s decision on Syria missile strikes

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ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports on options ranging from strikes on chemical-weapon storage facilities to airfields and Assad’s military headquarters.


Obi Won says:

How do we know if a chemical attack happened how do we not know the United States or one of the Allies did this I do know this footage is old from a few years back we're being bamboozled

Ilfart 218 says:

Martha raddatz claims "chemical weapons were used" currently not a fact and I bet she doesn't have enough critical thinking to even know it. This is the standard of journalism for ABC. Nothing can be accepted as true absent evidence and as a journalist you should know that.

DocScience2 says:

Here is a you tube video with documented proof of false flag.
start this video 5 minutes in, to skip introductions.
put this title into the you tube search bar.
( Evidence in the Syrian Chemical Attack ) length is 42:38
Please spread this news ..
give this comment a thumbs up, to put it to top of list, so others will find if faster.

theseekerndestroyer says:

Great we can all reset the world all over again. Let the true human nature take it’s course.

NJ videos says:

Trump should drop one on Robins ol lib ass!


ww3 !! thank u trump ..thank u america…..

Juan Martinez says:

Russia said they will throw what they got……soltar ….dejar ir…eso es…tu vas a estar en martirio…no ombe la vida es muy linda para eso…deja…no te amargues…

KH SIVLE says:

They r fucked!

Juan Martinez says:



fuck trump and his people

Srinivasan Salem says:

Be careful with russian offensive. America has no business with Syria.


fuck your lies …you will destroy it base on fake news like iraq

George Lewis says:

More War For Israel.

Ani Najary says:

Biggest thread for humanaty if America attack in syria

Dark Skon says:

there was no proof last time and there is no proof this time… abc , cnn and msnbc and the rest are acting like there happy… they want ww3

Barney Lacy says:

Blow those evil sons of bitches off the map. Just like a rats nest, you wipe them out, no more rats.

h4rmony says:

we’re gonna fucking die guys

I3ecream Yt says:

Oh please don’t start another war…please I beg you to make sure that they did it…if they didn’t we started it..we started the war..then we will be very bad..they have a reason to start war T-T

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