Whatever Happened To ‘America First’?

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Whether they’re real or not, the gas attacks in Syria are not an accurate answer to the question “WHY are we involved in the Middle East?”.

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wrightterence680 says:

Fix the U.S. and leave the international affairs alone because we make a bigger mess of countries when we leave the country instead of fixing it up.

fridgemagnett says:

Israel first, America second.

Roy David says:

U don't understand the USA have interstate in Israel and they use Israel as there's privet army.

Donna Koontz says:

President Trumps first instinct was correct. Get us out of Syria.
Mr President, please , get us out

Ger O'meara says:

I sincerely hope trump doesn't fall for this (3 times ) false flag syrian chem attack bullcrap

janetmillsrice says:

BTW, did you know that in order to be a member of NATO, a country has to agree to be chemtrail sprayed?

janetmillsrice says:

Q: whatever happened to America first? A: our leader nuttinyahoo is the one who gives the marching orders to our prez–Taxation without representation–we did not elect Benjy, or did we?

optimistically cynical . says:

Well thats wgat happend when uou have a preside t in bed with both countries

Melissa J Bostic says:

Well I tell you what I like you all bit I'm fed up with everything Bing a false flag TRUMP has more info that you all we see the babies gasping for air the rebels spent have planes Assad does. Bible prophecy everyone e know is C
God's time piece so lay the hell off israel fore the love of all things

Chicken Bubblegum says:

Jews happened…..

Fallon Lewis says:

WORLD COMMUNITY not nationalism! NO MORE patriarchy!!!

Charley Bennett says:

Those who reads the bible knows why this is taking place. Israel going to war with russia and it allies are wrote down in the bible. This will be the gog magog war. The bible says God will go before Israel and defune it. Jesus is a king and Irsal is his kingdom. God is going to a 6th part of the armies that come against Israel. God will protect his kingdom.

Broseph8T7 says:

America First is alive and well being led by Nicholas J Fuentes

Analog JAC says:

I'm not even going to pretend I know why but one thing I do know. The actions of our government in the middle east are strategic in nature. Yes, oil and gas play a part in that, but not because we need it but because our enemies do. You can't prosecute a war if you have no oil. We have plenty of oil to do so, but it's imperative that our enemies are denied that luxury as much as possible. Russia has the same ambition only in reverse. This is why Russia is there to begin with, just as the USA is.

Jo Smooth says:

Relax watch trump play the game. North Korea is sorted. Trump and Putin are playing the deep state.

DiesesMax says:

Is this real life? Infowars FINALLY points out the problem with Israel.

John Grytbakk says:

America 1st was thrown in the trash can. ….Globalism rules now. Donald jumped off the MAGA train and unto the satanist globalist NWO train. Totally controlled. A puppet. Why? I don't know. ….but it sure came fast.

operdias piddle says:

America should call these people out for collective war crimes and us should quit playing zionist games

operdias piddle says:

Trump is comprised I he hired straight up Israeli backed guys war is near trump is a sellout

bill hanna says:


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