🇬🇧 UK mulls backing potential US military attacks in Syria | Al Jazeera English

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has held an emergency cabinet meeting to decide whether the country should back the US in any missile attacks against the Syrian government, as a response to the chemical attack in Douma that killed at least 85 people and affected hundreds of others.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from Westminster.

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Uchiha Obito says:

Airstrikes on Syria is truly European democracy. EU is merely gathering of US hounds.

twenlil says:

The truth is that Theresa May could not handle the pressure from US to be part of the coalition.
That's why Britain only fire eight missiles.
US did not want to be seen to be the only country attacking Syria so US roped in the other two donkeys to be part of the "allies".

That's the standard playbook which the US used ad nauseam.

play dough massage says:

hey the guy who told us the real news got replaced

Chongyee Yap says:

Every one knowsthis is another false falg and they do not even bother to care. This is democracy and rule of law; I spit on democracy !

R Curtis says:

As long as WAR makes money there will ALWAYS be WAR

Ric Sta says:

ONE DAY before from UN weapons inspectors? Why? Nothing makes sense anymore. Previous military (coalition) interventions such as Operation Desert Shield in 1991, followed by the War on Terror in 2001, were at least discussed in terms of justification of such.

Sebastie Cortes says:

Iraq and Libya 2.0 this politicians need to stop playing with fire

Confirmed Russian Bot says:

RIP to all the innocent lives that will be lost in Iraq 2.0 ❤❤

TheOrionhk says:

imperialists are creating peace by blowing bombs on civilian heads into inhabited cities.

M W says:

London record murder rates, the NHS on its knees yet here we go again, the UK and May blindly following the US into another war only this could be the last one, EVER. I’m glad I got out of the UK over a decade ago and am as far away as geographically possible from what’s now a giant BULLSEYE.

Lesley Allinson says:

How dare you no investigation has been done I am ashamed of my own country your a disgrace mrs may

OriflameEq_Adamas says:

Allah guide you and give you the right path Insha Allah Amen. We want peace. May Allah soften your hearts. You have the blood of children in your hands. May Allah soften your hearts…

Catoosa Dawg says:

The (((Deep State))) loves this…

赵浮生 says:

If the English so-called gentleman of course does not exist, no matter how elegant the movement looks, how ridiculous it is in the paranoid idea that there is no better way than the local people to know how to build their country, not the shells.

MushyPeaModz WebbCFW says:

Where all gunna die well it was good while it lasted peace ✌

Zeeshan Hasan says:

Look at her face. She need to be prepare herself for last days. More submersible pump needed in Syria , Only 20 people bathing from one pump in a closed room .

don quattrocchi says:

It is a muslim war …. USA needs to stay out of it. Are we talking about oil again ???????

Vijaya Kumar says:

Vultures behaviour in human

Faux Manchu says:

Maybot, a minister's daughter is a warmonger. Shades of tony Blair.

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