🇸🇾 Mass evacuations from Douma after Syrian rebels surrender | Al Jazeera English

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Mass evacuations are underway in the Syrian city of Douma, which had been the last rebel stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta region before a recent deal that saw the Syrian government regain control over it. The Russian ministry says about 1,500 opposition fighters and civilians have left in just one day. Over the last week, about 20,000 opposition fighters and civilians from Eastern Ghouta have been sent to the northern province of Idlib.

Al Jazeera’s Katia Lopez-Hodoyan reports.

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Jed Lee says:

Ha ha clowns

tube3365 says:

Why is it that none of the chemical attack videos have any females in them? It's always males and children. Wouldn't there have been an equal chance for female victims to be present?!?!

mike rollow says:

So your saying that a group whose founder praised bin laden, called for the removal of religious minorities, and put women in cages so that they could be used a human shields are rebels for Al-Jazeera? And you wonder why people say you are Al-Qaeda propaganda. No, wait you are since you guys calls HTS (aka Al-nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda) "rebels" you are actual Al-Qaeda supporters.

BTW, feel free to interview some of the people who were held prisoners by this group, see if they call them rebels.

barakah says:

The good guys won !

one love says:

So how do think the government use chemical attack while winning..

Imran adam says:

اللهم أعز إلا سلام والمسلمين والد ل الشر ك و لمشر كين ودمر اعذاك الذين

anomarretsuk says:

stop talking about an alleged chemical attack,…every idiot can see that nothing like this happend,…all that was done by these accuser is abusing this poor children and splash cold water on them and scream arround,..they probably have a shock or Life.

a g says:

Omg I thought it said execution

TheModest Man says:

Bye bye terrorists!!

LogosErosThymos says:

Finally better sleep in Damascus.  Terrorists lost.   Like in Aleppo no bombs anymore. Like in Aleppo the terrorist supporters won't talk about suffering women and children anymore.

Bob Marshel says:

Mattis: Still no evidence on Syria chemical attack, but I believe there was one
Published time: 12 Apr, 2018 16:57

Jaret Ikhe says:

This country need serious prayer

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