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Paul Joseph Watson says:

Please SHARE this video – we can still stop this insanity.

behold the hand behold the nail says:

Great video

John Daniels says:

you paranoid twit… you couldn't predict a sunrise let alone geopolitics

Mark M says:

Great, more death and destruction, more mass immigration into Europe (which will lead to our eventual destruction). Are these leaders nuts, or do they have some ulterior motive that benefits only them and the rich elite?

Russ G says:

Civilized people need to GTFO of those shitholes and let the 7th Century barbarians figure it out for themselves.

Zachary Balliew says:

Fucking hell. Why can't any of these people in leadership positions at least check their facts before they go waltzing into another war over a country's nationally personal problems? We don't even fucking know if Assad is even at fault for the chemical warfare or not, damnit! It's like everyone's become middle schoolers again.
"Oh, you say he said she said he said this? Imma go fuck his shit up."
"Oh, you didn't actually say that? Whoopsidasies"
That's what their all behaving like, except on a national level and in the context of fucking *WAR*. I'm 17. You start WW3 and chances are everyone I know and his brother is going to get drafted along with me. I don't want that shit, man. I don't want that shit for anyone. And you want to start this shit over what, rumors? For the love of God, give me a fucking break

Gandolf the White says:

Sorry Pau I can't agree with you over this. You usually are spot on but not this time. We haven't had boots on the ground in Syria since 2017. We are letting the missiles reach out and touch someone now. All three areas had been evacuated days before the strike. I wouldn't be surprised there if there wasn't any gas there anymore.

Bombasticated 2 says:

Well Paul what has happened to your darling DJ Trump?

snakeandmagnum says:

This comes from above Trump. This is above his paygrade



Ashley Grant says:

Heck yes. Thanks so much. Great job confronting those manipulating Trump to do these cruel actions. I always support peace for Syria and suggest that you should protest against this stupid fuc*ing war. Amen.

Greg Sturmer says:

Great Video!! It is like all our leaders took off their masks and stopped pretending. They seem to care more about killing people on all sides than they do about evidence. It's madness. It is also said 75% of people are against this, but I don't know a single normal person that wants this war. Does anyone else?

*insert username here* says:

3:45 ww1 was started by the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand being assassinated by Serbia (sort of but its too complicated to get into). Austria then Declared war on Serbia, France was allied with Serbia and so declared war on Austria Germany was allied with Australia and so declared war on France. To get to France Germany went through Belgium which was allied with Britain so Britain declared war on Germany and that domino effect carried on with country's which had nothing to do with how the war started joining because their allies joined until pretty much the whole world was involved. So yes it would be a great idea to assassinate Assad who is allied with Russia and see what happens from there wouldn't it.

Rogerio R.K. says:

Calm down. There is not going to be a war between US and Russia.

Tymon17 Maśnicki17 says:

It’s time for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East and let Poland step in. We have good soldiers, with a will to fight, and we can create peace and stability. Move over USA.

Brian Cook says:

The war in Syria is like the war in Iraq. The Iraq War wasn't really a war. It wasn't like World War II. George W. Bush wanted people to believe it was. That's why he called Saddam Hussein a "grave and gathering danger" shortly after the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001. Saddam Hussein didn't cause that terrorist attack. The United States is interested in Syria and Iraq because of oil. It's not really insanity though. This whole world runs on oil.

Rafael Tait says:

Shit is going to happen.

stevepfi1 says:

Watson is a drama queen!

CountRus says: comment this video if you havent already. Thank you.

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