China Vows to Cause Problems for US

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Following a massive missile attack launched by the US and its allies against Syria, it appears that Beijing is moving to make its opinion on the matter known via a show of strength in the Pacific.

One of the key goals of the upcoming Chinese naval drills scheduled to be held in the Taiwan Strait is a show of support for Russia over the latter’s standoff against the United States in Syria, the South China Morning Post reported citing a source “close to the PLA.”

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Steven Gogin says:

Is anybody tire of reading someone long ass paragraph? Anyone

Anonymouse The 2nd says:

If China wants to end the USA then so be it, but they know they too won’t win.

Taster's Choice says:

*Shrim Fri Ri for you! Nine nine nine!

Geeman Funman says:

We don’t depend on china, we don’t need china, china needs the u.s

Surrounded byCowards says:

*The military industry is THE DEEP STATE*
Many said that America is henceforth dead , yes of course, *they're right*
But where was the patriots since & along that destruction ?
What have been their actions to save America along that time ?
*nowhere* *nowhere* *nowhere* *nowhere* *nowhere*
…i already hear those idiots saying : Alex Jones was there !
no no no ! …
There is three things that Alex Jones loves to talk about : *THE PATRIOTS, the second AMENDMENT, & his chemical PRODUCTS*
The only thing that the patriots seems to be good at, it's for the second amendment *AND JUST FOR THIS SECOND AMENDMENT* like Jones !
This, is not patriotism ! … nobody seems to know what a patriot is !
There is no patriotism in America *IT'S DEAD* everything is about the American Military Industries & *for their survival, they need the second amendment*
A big bullshit that Jones sell to you for years & years !
*What are & where are the actions of the patriots?*

A patriot should die for his land & at any cost. But there is no land anymore … WHERE WERE THEY?
There is so many heads to bring down … but the patriots seems to not see the real ennemy !
I remember some *supposedly* patriots invited to the Infowars show, it was criminals ready to defend to death, the second amendment, *NOT THEIR LAND* , but the second amendment !
THEY ARE NOT PATRIOTS (videos are all there).
*Because the military industry is THE DEEP STATE*
This, *is the truth*
Both, the patriots & Infowars are the military complex … you will see !
Illusion ; the patriots have done nothing for america …the rest that they can say about this, is only empty words !
Jones cry too easily to be believed … *but idiots believe it*
CInema Cinema, … despite hollywood bullshit, it's sad to see that the americans, can't distinguish a true actor when they see one ; a shame !

Now the only question that you should ask to the FALSE PATRIOTS is **Where were you ? …ask them each day about this, because they are the destructors of your country !
*What are their accomplisments* America is upside down because of them & their passivities!

ytor qwerty says:

china has prepared for ww3 they have set up their entire, if isis doesnt go down i think north korea will start the ww3, remember that china is allied with nk

The One Man Boy Band says:

stunning documentary: The Chinese created gun powder, kung fu, basketball and crazy hip hop

shut up says:

There all in together. Dude you even preach that. Then talk like it aint so. Make up your damn mind.

Todd Ole says:

Yepper this is what was I waiting to happen is China and Russia join forces to fight America Babylon will fall Babylon will fall #DAHBOO777

tad casper says:

we should send china free apples from the mother stock .

paul pamchula says:

jesus christ !……n. korea…..china will be there….and soon….ready to threaten the south.

penny davis says:

China is saying Taiwan and the Netherlands belong to them, just like everything else China tries to steal. Their like a bunch of Toddlers, if they see it or want it, it's theirs. The China Government really needs to get over themselves before they end up sparking up real conflict. This isn't truly what they want because they know we could squash them economically, but their just playing their little babyfied games to be a pain in the butt to America. I always thought Chinese people were smart but the only thing their smart at is being thieves and mocking America's technology. Maybe that's why they hate us so much…lol:)

crazy horse says:

What you gonna build a plastic knock off submarine and tell them it's real possibility off

Mailee Le says:

China desperately!

Canaduh Moose says:

Wouldn't something "semi-infinite" just be finite?

all the way to the beheading for Jesus says:

Oh I like a chow mein too

flexch2011 says:

waiting. ..!!???

rush022 says:

Hawaii has some of those rare earth materials to.

Mary Woelfel says:

We are creeping towards ww3

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