Emergency Message To Trump: Putin Accuses Deep State Of False Flag In Syria

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Joseph Barclay Ross says:

The only real chemical weapons being used are those being used against all humanity by the Rothschilds for Agenda 21 to reduce, debilitate, and brainwash the population: CHEMTRAILS. (Google: "What in the world are they spraying?")

Anthony Porreca says:

It's all about Saudi Arabia pipelines and ww3 chess pieces at our expense. We pay for this. Americans can be so dumb to think they would gas their own to shoot themselves in the foot
Nice huh?

Abby A. says:

Natural gas pipe line to be run thru Syria, Syria said no, false flag event set up for attack.

Juden Shekelberg says:

Deep state is Zionist Israel's occupation and control of the u.s. government. I.s.i.s=Israeli secret intelligence service. Look it up

Johannes Roose says:

…. the whole thing is going to blow up if the US continues to go down this VERY dangerous road !!!

Johannes Roose says:

…. destruction of the middle east and north africa to cause mass exodus and mass immigration to Europe which will collapse in its turn. Russia has been the wisest so far but our luck won't last ….

Johannes Roose says:

I hate to say it Alex but you're damn right spot on. For anyone having even just a gram of brains it is so blatently obvious that this is about destroying Syria to finalize the complete ….

Adam Ray says:

Alex, you know damn well this is the workings of zionist power in the US that is doing this. The core of the neo-cons are all a bunch of jewish zionist descendants of communists and there gentile servants. How obvious does it have to be for people to see this. So many are either controlled or afraid someone might call them "Hitler" for saying it but the fact remains, it's true.

Urp ofner says:

Praise The Most High! let the war come! let these Gentile European war mongering nations fight one another and get out of heck out of power! Stay out of it my people! The plagues have already started against them they have a low birthrates and they are dying from opioids daily it is a plague and a blessing from the Elohim. They have been a warmongering cavelike destructive people since they came into power in 333 BC under Alexander the Greek. The Lord has always use one nation to take another one down so he will use Russia and perhaps China. to take America down! And all nations left will end up in the valley of Jehoshaphat with the exception of America to fight Yashua when he returns! Their time has come to a quick and short END! They have subjugated all known dark skinned nations since that time. And they don't even consider it they don't even think that what they've done: scattering and enslaving Israelites and Africans peoples all over the world even matters!!Let their power come to an end so that Yashua's millennial kingdom can come in to reign and rule in righteousness!

ben smith says:

We thought it was trouble if Hillary got in but Trump is doing (((their))) work himself

Kieron Bell says:

Wait and see Trump know what he is doing ,just hang on and you will see ask Q……..

Bertram LeFarge says:

Just look at that impressively ridiculous backdrop. There's some serious funding right there, either extreme right or Putrid fed, maybe given access to RT studios to ply his trade. Looks good to the casual 'Deep State' fearing viewer.But that's not the case, you're on a moral crusade, fighting against the corrupt system trying to silence you..blah blah blah. Stay tuned, subscribe, donate, support. All enabled using the freedoms that you so readily trash. You're just a media whore.

Paul Thomson says:

Yes. Trump knows it was a false flag… but what if they used chemical weapons produced by and pilfered from Assad.

1PatrioticBitch says:

Ya, Alex does know how it goes, remember when he had to apologize for pizza gate and pretend its fake?

Inevitable Change says:

still a trump supporter alex?

Wakingfromslumber says:

Trump is also part of the establishment, he just promoted the most evil and most extreme neo con John Bolton out of all people as national security advisor . He wouldn’t be doing that if he were like you or I ….. think about it

Guy Baker says:


Robert Parker says:

If want Alex is saying is True? Why would Obama and Hillary do this? Corporations? Politicians are just puppets to a bigger Agenda?Usually Fueled by Huge Money. Soros is not alone he wouldn't have enough money. You need need maybe 2/3 rds of Wall Street in order to do this. Why wont you call out Corporation? They are the deep state Wall Street,Exxon etc…FED(Private Bank)? So what Im saying lets get the root of the problem. Stop trying to treat only the symptoms.

What's Going On says:

Among the other foul things he has done to bring America down so quickly. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with warmongers and the games of war have started. Armageddon is evident unless WW3 is delayed the western world as we know it will end soon.

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